Herpes Vagina Symptoms – How Women Can Manage Genital Herpes Outbreaks

When it comes to herpes vagina sores and/or blisters are the most common symptom in women. These sores, or lesions, are a sure-fire way to detect that you have become infected with genital herpes. If you find yourself suffering from these sores, it is highly important to visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis. Try to keep in mind that there is no need to fear herpes. A visit to the doctor will shed light on the many ways genital herpes can be managed.

As far as symptoms vaginal herpes can manifest itself in other ways besides these painful sores and blisters. If you find yourself suffering from unusual headaches, fever, tingling or itching in the vaginal or buttocks area, you may have contracted the herpes simplex virus. Staying aware of your body as well as your sexual activities, will allow you to get treatment as soon as possible once symptoms arise.

Vagina herpes does not have to hinder you from living life to the fullest. The virus can be managed quite effectively. Among the numerous prescription medications out there, genital herpes can be controlled with natural treatments, such as topical creams, that make outbreaks much more bearable, without the side effects. Other ways to ease the discomfort of outbreaks is by wearing loose, cotton clothing and keeping the infected area clean and dry.

Did you know that when it comes to herpes vagina infections are contracted in more ways than just vaginal intercourse? If your partner is a carrier of oral herpes and performs oral sex on you, then you can become infected with herpes. Another way is by anal sex. Masturbation is yet another way to contract the virus. Knowing your partner’s history could help keep you safe and virus free.

In dealing with symptoms vaginal herpes outbreaks can first be spotted within two weeks of sexual activity. This initial outbreak can last for several weeks. In the beginning, red bumps appear. These bumps then turn into blisters, which will eventually burst, starting the healing process. When these blisters begin to crust over, you know that you’re in the end stages of the outbreak.

As stated earlier, when it comes to herpes vagina sores are not the only symptoms you may suffer from during an outbreak. If you feel swelling in the vaginal area, feel pain when urinating, or have unusual vaginal discharge, you may be some of the few that have minimal discomfort during an outbreak. These particular types of outbreaks are much easier to deal with. Many times, extremely mild outbreaks need no steady treatment.

There is no reason to let vagina herpes inhibit you. With the vast array of treatments available, you can live life to the fullest. It is more than possible to have a long and rewarding life just by staying aware, staying educated and staying in control.