Herniated Disc Exercises to Avoid

Initial treatment for a herniated disc requires an adequate rest period followed by targeted and well selected exercises. After and during recovery, the right exercises can speed the healing. However, some people think that working through the pain with the wrong movements makes the condition worse. With this point in mind, it is necessary to understand some of the herniated disc exercises to avoid.

Which Exercises to Avoid With a Herniated Disc

Although resistance training strengthens the lower back, there are nonetheless a few exercises to avoid. In regard to resistance training, correct form is indispensable to alleviate any possibility of further injury. Incorrect form can lead to unwanted strain on the low back.

Bent-over rows, bench presses, leg raises, and dead lifts combined with too much weight are examples of exercises to avoid with a disc herniation. The moves require core strength, which affects the lower back.

If the abdominal muscles are not well developed, this deficit can increase stress on the sciatic nerves. In respect to herniated discs, resistance training can induce further injure and should be avoided. Pain is a warning sign of impending trauma, and a lot of fitness enthusiasts tend to ignore the signs.

Performing the Right Exercises to Prevent Further Injury

It is helpful to decrease the amount of resistance to prevent added harm. Straight-leg dead lifts allow for a stretching effect, which lengthens the spinal column. Additionally, the use of stretching exercises to lengthen the muscles and tendons comprise an added measure against injury.