Herbs Used As A Natural Cure for Premature Ejaculation

Finding a natural cure for premature ejaculation requires that we first define the reason for the quick ejaculation in the first place. Once the trigger that sets off the premature ejaculation has been identified, a regimen of herbs can be used to deal with and resolve the problem. Here are some examples.

One of the possible causes for premature ejaculation is high blood pressure. By treating the high blood pressure with a combination of hawthorn berries, garlic, and cayenne, the situation will begin to subside as the blood pressure begins to return to normal levels. Many people may choose to take hawthorn capsules once or twice a day, along with garlic capsules of tablets and then have a cup of tea made with a teaspoon of ground cayenne pepper and hot water after each meal. Within a few weeks, the blood pressure will be dropping to normal levels and the problem with premature ejaculation will begin to subside.

Another possible reason for premature ejaculation is stress or anxiety that is consistent. While all of us need some stress in our lives, excessive amounts can cause different people to react in different ways. With some men, early ejaculation occurs when the stress level has been high for an extended period of time. The treatment is two fold – reduce stress as much as possible, and take herbs that help to alleviate stress, such as damiana, dong quai, and gardenia. As the herbs are able to get into the system and help to maintain a level mood, the stress will begin to have less of an impact on sexual function and allow the body to respond normally to sexual stimuli.

There are a number of other conditions, such as prostate problems, excessive masturbation, and caffeine that can lead to early ejaculation during sex. By consulting a homeopathic physician, the root cause for the problem can be uncovered and a diagnosis made. Using a natural cure for premature ejaculation is often free of side effects and will make improve your love life and general health a great deal.