Herbs Glossary

There are several types of herbs. One of the most common classifications is according to their use. We can have aromatic, culinary, ornamental and medicinal herbs.

Below you will find a list of medicinal herbs and their benefits. You can use them as a guide so that you know what to do with them or just to pick which one you could plant in your backyard.

Here is the list:

o Angelica: Digestive. Good for acid stomach.

o Anise star: Antispasmodic. Carminative. Antiflatulent.

o Anise seed: Flatulence. Digestive. Antispasmodic. Menstrual cramps. Bad breath. Increases secretion of maternal milk.

o Cumin: Carminative. Diuretic. Increases maternal milk production.

o Dill: acidity. Carminative. Gastroenterology.

o Echinacea: Increases defenses. Flues. Colds. Anti-inflammatory medication.

o Eucalyptus: Bronchitis. Colds. Whooping cough. Chronic catarrh.

o Ginkgo biloba: Circulatory stimulant. Arteriosclerosis. Senile dementia. Alzheimer’s disease. Varicose. Phlebitis. Hemorrhoids.

o Ginseng: Anti-stress. Aphrodisiac. It’s invigorating. Revitalize. Increases physical and mental endurance.

o Guarana: Anti-stress. Revitalize. Energizing. Afrodisicao. Immunostimulant.

o Fennel: Carminative. Bad breath. Increase production of breast milk. Anti-inflammatory medication.

o Hamamelis: Antihemorroids. Varicose. Phlebitis. Astringent. External use for sprains and bruises.

o Hyssop: Expectorant. Carminative.

o Joint grass: Purifier. Diuretic. Cystitis. Urethritis.

o Juniper: Diuretic. Rheumatism. Gout. Antiseptic.

o Lavender: Expectorant. Fortifying.

o Chamomile: Antispasmodic. Decongestant. Sedative.

o Melissa: Antispasmodic. Insomnia.

o Mint: Carminative. Antispasmodic. Bronchitis. Sinusitis.

o Mustard: Asthma. Rheumatic pains. Neuralgia. Aphrodisiac.

o Nettle: Blood purifier. Diuretic. Treatment of hair loss.

o Rosemary: Strengthens memory. Digestive tonic. Dandruff. Hair loss. Dermatitis. Eczemas.

o Rue: Stomach and intestinal stimulant.

o Thyme: Colds.. Sinusitis. Antacid. Migraines. Dizziness. Nausea. Capillary stimulant. Skin infections. Sores, chilblains, ulcers, dermatitis. Bronchitis.

o Valerian: nervous sedative. Insomnia. Depression, anxiety, nervous tics.