Herbs For Depression and Anxiety

Depression is a psychological state of melancholy and deep sadness, with or without any evident cause, as well as a loss of appetite, insomnia, and a propensity to inactivity.

Anxiety is an undesirable and unjustified emotion whose intensity is not in proportion to its likely cause. Anxiety is different than fear. The latter implies the presence of a known actual danger. Anxiety usually manifests itself externally, in a state of nervous hyperexcitation.

Many people who suffer with these ailments usually do not want to take drugs witch could cause some pretty nasty side effects. I put this list of herbs for depression and anxiety together for those people.

Herbs for depression and anxiety

Herbs for depression:

Oats – Oats Contain a significant amount of lecithin, B vitamins, pantothenic acid, enzymes, minerals, mainly calcium and phosphorus, certain trace elements and an alkaloid, which have balancing and invigorating effects on the nervous system. The use of oats is highly recommended for people with depression.

Balm – Balm is recommended for depression because of its gentle sedative and balancing effects on the nervous system.

Valerian – This herb produces sedation on the whole autonomic and central nervous systems, decreasing anxiety, as well as blood pressure.

Mother of Thyme – Taking a hot bath with mother of thyme which have invigorating and revitalizing properties, render good results for people with depression.

Angelica – Angelica is beneficial for the treatment of depression because of its sedative and balancing properties on the nervous system.

Celery – Celery gives a feeling of vitality and well-being. Celery juice is very useful when used as a general invigorator and remineralizer, mixed with tomato, carrot, and lemon juice. It is recommended for people suffering from exhaustion or nervous depression.

Ginseng – This herb has vasorregulating properties, which balances blood pressure.

Sesame – Sesame is an excellent nutritional complement for people undergoing high mental or intellectual activity, and great for people with depression.

Sage – Sage is nervous system invigorating and has a mild stimulant action on suprarenal glands. It is thus recommended for depression.

St. Johnswort – This herb has a balancing effect on the nervous system — therefore, it is very good for depression.

Thyme – Thyme stimulates the intellectual faculties and mental agility, however lacking side effects like those of coffee or tea, to which it is a favorable substitute. It is recommended for anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Herbs for Anxiety

Oats – (see above)

Orange Tree – Great for anxiety because it provides mild sedation, which makes it easier to calm down.

Hops – Hops acts as a sedative which helps to relax you and calm you down.

Prickly Lettuce – Prickly lettuce is similar to opium, though it does not have any noxious effect, so it may be used even with children, in whom it calms excessive activity and helps with anxiety.

Lavender – Lavender balances the autonomic and central nervous system. It is recommended in cases of nervous anxiety.

Balm – (see above)

Passion Flower – The passion flower acts as a mild anxiolytic, without risk of addiction or dependence. It is the ideal plant for those people who are under nervous pressure, and anxiety related problems.

Linden – This herb reduces the viscosity of the blood, allowing it to circulate more efficiently. This makes it great for people with high blood pressure.

Valerian – (see above)

Hawthorn – This herb has a balancing effect on blood pressure, since it decreases it in hypertensive people. Its ability to balance hypertension is evident and rapid, achieving more lasting effects than with other synthetic anti-hypertensives.

Evening Primrose – Helps to balance the nervous system and the hormonal balance. Making it ideal for people with anxiety.

Lemon Tree – The lemon tree is a sedative and antispasmodic which helps with anxiety.

Marjoram – This herb decreases the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the arterial contraction, therefore lowering the blood pressure.

Lemon Verbena – Alleviates anxiety. The results achieved are better than those of chemical tranquilizers, not causing side effects.