Herbal Treatments To Relieve And Reduce Migraine

People who have experienced migraines before know how much of an inconvenience and pain it is for anyone to go through. Migraines, which are more than a headache, are actually a neurological configuration, which basically means that it can be caused by a number of things, and a variety of symptoms can show up once it happens.

These imbalances that occur in a person’s body are what help lead to migraine and balancing these out will help relieve some of the constraints that a person may be experiencing them.


Some of the major contributors to migraines involve stress and emotional constraint, sinus congestion, tension headaches, indigestion and dysbiosis, inflammation, neck misalignment, food allergies, irregular eating and fatigue. Although some people are taking pharmaceutical medicines to help relieve them of migraine, sometimes these drugs are just not able to remedy their condition, which is why a lot of people are actually seeking alternative treatments due to their limited success in using prescription drugs. There are certain herbal treatments that people who experiences migraines can use to remedy their condition.


There are a lot of different herbs that can be used to help relieve a person from migraines, each one is aimed at targeting a particular symptom or factor that helps lead to migraine. Herbs such as cyperus, ligustici, atractylodes, gardenia and shenqu can relieve six different factors by simply mixing all these ingredients into one herbal remedy. These different herbs basically help a person experiencing migraines by moving the excess blood and gi down out of the head where the migraine is centralized. Once the amount of blood and gi in the head has been reduced, then the migraine sufferer can feel relief from the pain and tension that he is experiencing.

Other forms of herbal remedies come in the form of cassia, tribulus, uncaria, peony, licorice and chrysanthemum, all of which function in the same way as the first five herbal remedies mentioned. They also help relieve the pain and the tension experienced by a migraine sufferer.

Another herb that can be used to treat migraines is the feverfew leaf. The herb, wherein its main use is for treating migraines as well as arthritis, can reduce the frequency of attacks of migraines on people and can make these attacks less painful. Basically, the herbal treatment inhibits the aggregation of the platelets, normalizing the function of platelets in the blood system, as well as blocking the formation of pro-inflammatory mediators by reducing the serotonin release from the platelets.

Migraine sufferers can also benefit form using Butterbur root, also known as Petasites Hybridus, since this plant extract has the ability of relieving pain, and has spasmolytic and anti-inflammatory effects on a person. The more relaxed a person suffering from a migraine is, then the better his chances are of relieving the pain that is caused by the condition.

Taking these herbal remedies can be done once the migraine has begun to set in, but for those people who are experiencing migraines at a more constant frequency, then it would be better if they could take the herbal remedies even before the migraine is experienced, at least until the condition is no longer as frequent and as intense.