Herbal Supplements – Depression And Pain


Supplements are nutritional substances added to the diet to support over-all good health and relieve many health conditions including Depression. It is well known that Herbal Supplements can benefit depressive symptoms. Let’s take a look at the relationship between supplements, Depression, (and) pain.

Depression is marked by a lot of symptoms including deep sadness, lack of motivation, fatigue and pain. This is similar to the question: Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Does Depression cause physical pain or does physical pain cause Depression? Depression can heighten your reaction to pain and being in pain can be depressing. This is excluding the environmental and genetic factors.

Some of the herbs used to treat Depression include Dandelion Root known to benefit chronic illness and the liver. Grape Seed is known for its properties that relieve Cancer, Macular Degeneration, and vascular diseases. Passion Flower is known to provide general pain relief. These herbs together with other herbs, vitamins, and other nutritive substances can be blended into a specific formula to help treat symptoms of Depression and as a secondary effect may also relieve pain.

In to obtain the maximum benefit from an herbal supplement, you want the safest and most effective herbal supplement. The supplement would have been made to pharmaceutical GMP compliance using the same machinery as pharmacies use. The metabolic path of each ingredient is examined at the molecular level. The interactions of the ingredients are also noted. This ensures that you will get what the label says you are getting. It will further assure you of its effectiveness and safety.

Regarding pain in general, if you are in any kind of pain, have it checked by your doctor to rule out more serious health issues. If for example, you have Arthritis and are taking a prescribed drug for that, the herbs may reduce the effectiveness of the drug. There are few to no side effects with herbs or herbal supplements.

Supplements, Depression and pain are interrelated in that supplements may relieve both the pain and the Depression; again with fewer side effects. This is also true with herbal supplements.