Herbal Remedy For Bone Injuries – Comfrey

A herbal remedy for bone injuries is the comfrey. This herb has been used for help in healing fractures for centuries and is often known as knit bone. During the Middle Ages, it was also very common to take a bath in comfrey. These baths were used often by women prior to marriage to help repair the hymen and then restore their virginity. However, the use of comfrey for this purpose is not backed by science and medical research.

On the other hand, modern research has found that the comfrey plant does offer healing properties for the bones. The herb contains a substance allantoin in it, found to promote healthy growth in bones, cartilage, and muscles. Hence it is often used as a herbal remedy for bone injuries.

Herbalists describe the comfrey as a herb that is cool, slightly sweet, and moist. It is composed of many different chemicals, including vitamin B-12, insulin, tannins, proteins, pyrrolizidine, tannins, mucilage, allantoin, and steroidal saponins.

The aerial parts of the comfrey plant are most commonly used to make herbal remedies, but the other parts can be used too. The leaves are rich sources of allantoin and they are used mostly for external uses. Ointments and infused oils containing comfrey extracts are used to treat and relieve the symptoms of sprained joints, arthritis pain, and other physical injuries. Varicose ulcers is another ailment that is commonly treated using the roots of the comfrey.

It is best to harvest the flowering parts of the comfrey during early summer. Harvesting the root
of the comfrey plant should be done in the spring and in the fall when the allantoin levels are higher.

Preparing comfrey can be done in many different ways. To use comfrey, you most commonly
crush the herb and then apply it to the injured area topically. Herbalists believe that the allantoin can be absorbed through your skin to promote the healing of bones, cartilage, and muscle. You can do this in the cases of hairline fractures, broken toes, or broken ribs.

Creams can be used for application onto the injured parts of your body as well. This would be a very convenient option especially if you find it hard to get hold of the herbal plant yourself. You can used a comfrey-based cream to treat arthritis and other muscle pains.

Similarly, you can also use an infused herbal remedy oil made with the comfrey for arthritic pain and joints, bruises, sprains, and other traumatic injuries. If you are susceptible to bone injuries due to the sports that you play, consume a regular cup of comfrey herbal remedy tea.