Herbal Remedies To Cure Gastric Disorder

Gastritis is the inflammation of stomach due to various reasons associated with digestion. It causes irritation in the stomach and is very unpleasant. Gastritis is caused by alcohol, pain killers, improper food intake etc. Stress and other medical complications also can trigger gastritis.

Home remedies are the best for gastritis as they are gentle and natural for the system. It is ideal to treat the cause for any kind of problems and since if gastritis is caused by alcohol in a person, he or she should avoid alcohol at least until the problem is solved. Similarly, intake of lots of spicy food can end up in indigestion and also gastritis, in such cases foods that are soothing for the stomach and easier for digestion should be consumed till your stomach is back into its normal shape and functioning.

Coconut water is soothing and cooling for the stomach and is an effective remedy for gastritis. Spinach and carrot juice can also calm the irritations caused by gastritis. Curd and buttermilk can bring about a quick recovery. Asafetida mixed in cumin water is also a known remedy in cases of gastritis. Juice extracted from potato can be taken before meal to treat gastritis. Lemon juice can heal gastritis.

Licorice is effective in the treatment of gastritis and ulcers. Artichoke can help relieve abdominal pain and nausea. Ginger is a wonder medicine for any stomach related irritations and diseases. Ginger juice mixed with salt or honey or ginger tea can be effective and relieving for stomach troubles. Goldenseal destroys the bacteria that causes gastritis and can speed up the recovery. Marshmallow can treat gastritis and indigestion too. Peppermint is also an effective medicine when it comes to digestion related problems. Papaya seeds and pineapples promotion digestion and can be used in the treatment of gastritis. Marigold and bishop's weed are known herbs that are effective in the treatment of gastritis. Carom seed is another herbal remedy for stomach problems. Asparagus can reduce the heat in the stomach and can fight acidity too.

Consumption of fruits like blueberries, cherries and tomatoes and vegetables like squash and bell pepper can alleviate the problems of gastritis. Cranberry can also fight gastric problems. Honey has properties that can heal gastric irritations. Rice gruel is easy to digest and a diet on rice gruel during a gastric attack can accelerate the healing process. Chewing roasted fennel after meals can treat gastritis. A few cloves of garlic with raisins can provide an immediate relief. Chewing cardamom can also treat the heartburn caused by gastritis. Water is the best medicine for all diseases. Make sure that your water consumption is sufficient and meets the requirements of your body.

Gastritis is also a lifestyle disease and a change in the lifestyle alone can prevent and produce a long standing effect in the treatment of gastritis. Eating habits affect the digestive system and when it breaks down we end up with gastritis. Proper healthy eating habits have to be inculcated into our lifestyles for a healthy body. Stress should be deal with in a proper manner. A positive attitude towards life and exercise can be implemented to deal with stress. Alcohol consumption and smoking only do bad for the body. There is no benefit whatsoever that could be gained through these habits. So, it avoids them can be your first step towards a more progressive life.