Herbal Cure for Anxiety

It can be frightening as well as frustrating if you are under treatment, or about to start it, for social anxiety disorder. You can be under a doctor's care and have therapy as well as medication prescribed for you. CBT, or cognitive behavior therapy, is the commonest prescribed treatment for social phobia. If you do not like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking prescription medines, then there are some effective herbal ones available.

A herbal cure for social anxiety may work, provided there are no other serious health issues present. Both natural and herbal treatments come in a variety of doses and purposes. A lot of people prefer a natural substance over one produced in a lab, but of course a doctor will recommend the best one available to treat you. If herbal and prescription meds are of equal value, then the herbal one may be preferred.

Some prescription drugs have negative effects on a person, such as addiction or withdrawal symptoms. A couple of quite well known herbal medicines for social anxiety treatment are valerian root and kava kava. They have been used for years. Do a lot of research on your own to make sure that any side effects will not increase your social anxiety and your doctor will be able to talk to you about this, too. If you are already on a prescription drug you must consult with your doctor before taking any non-prescription medicine as they can conflict, be useless, or cause side effects.

Valerian root is used to relax the central nervous system. It also decrees anxiety and stress. This root helps you sleep and it does not cause grogginess. It's non-addictive and very popular in helping to cure social anxiety. Kava kava root is ground into pulp and water is added, or it's chewed as gum is. Kava kava improves mood and gives the user a sense of peace and well-being,

Relaxation exercises are another way of helping to cure social anxiety the natural way. A doctor can talk to you about muscle relaxing ones as well as breathing exercises. Therapists can instruct patients about how to go about these exercises. If you can relax your mind and your body, this will go a long way towards curing your social anxiety. Acupuncture, an ancient art from Asia, is another natural tool in your arsenal.

If your doctor says it's okay, you can check out many different forms of natural and herbal ways to treat social anxiety. Always take any course of treatment in conjunction with recommendations from your health care practitioner. Before we had prescription drugs, humans have used herbal and natural cures for many ills and conditions. With our huge database of knowledge about medicine, there will be the absolute perfect cure out there for your social anxiety.