Herbal and Natural Remedies For Colon Problems

Finding natural solutions to maintaining colon health is obviously a great approach. Introducing chemical-based prescription medications into the body can have adverse affects. Many people believe that the benefits of taking laxatives or over the counter enemas far outweighs any harm they may experience as a result of the chemicals that compromise these solutions. A much better and healthier approach is to seek out a natural solution. Some effective herbal remedies for colon health include:

Garlic. This has become something of a wonder herbal remedy in recent years as more and more people are recognizing the positive benefits of adding garlic to their diet. Garlic has been shown to help reduce the chances of developing pre-cancerous polyps in the colon. It is also believed that people who eat garlic on a regular basis or those who take garlic supplements are less likely to develop colon cancer.

Green tea. Another herb that has become a focal point for those looking for a natural alternative to traditional medicine. In terms of colon health, green tea is believed to help reduce a person’s risk of developing cancer in their colon.

Grape seed extract. Recent studies have shown that consuming grape seed extract can actually slow the progression of cancer cells in the colon. For someone with a history of colon cancer in their family, adding this natural substance to their daily diet can be worthwhile.

Turmeric. A fundamental ingredient in curry, this herb is proving to be an ally in the fight against colon cancer. Taking a supplement that contains turmeric can help to reduce the risk of polyps adhering to the wall of the colon.

Ginger. Another spice that is an integral part of many dishes, this substance has proven to be effective in continued health in the colon. Adding ginger to the diet as a spice can help prevent the development of cancer cells within the colon. Although it can be taken as a supplement in capsule form, it’s much better tasting and easier to absorb when added as an ingredient during cooking.

One natural remedy for continued colon health is Vitamin D. In its most natural form, Vitamin D is derived from direct sunlight. Many people believe this is the best way for the body to absorb it. If this is the approach that the individual takes, they should be aware of the damaging effects of the sun on skin cells and therefore using a sunscreen is recommended. Vitamin D can also be taken in the form of a daily supplement. It is also found in many foods and is often added to orange juice as well.

Calcium should also be taken in a supplement form in an effort to improve colon health in general. Many people find it difficult to drink milk products because of intolerance to lactose. If the person has irritable bowel syndrome it becomes even more difficult to comfortably eat or drink dairy products. In addition to being a natural remedy for colon problems, calcium is also essential for strong bones, which helps to prevent osteoporosis later in life.

Note: Statements in this article may not be approved by the FDA, and should not be considered as professional medical advice.