Hepatitis C and Treatment


Hepatitis C is a very serious condition that can actually damage your liver very badly. This type of hepatitis, hepatitis C is the most frightening of all hepatitis types and it can very easily lead to liver cancer of even liver failure. There are treatments available for hepatitis C, but many of them are not right for you. What a hepatitis C patient must do is go to a doctor and discuss together with him/ her the right hepatitis treatment for him/ her.

When you use a treatment for hepatitis C, try to keep in mind that there are three very important things that a hepatitis treatment tryes to do. The first thing is to completely remove the hepatitis C virus from your organism, then to slow down, stop if possible the damaging of your liver and last but not least to remove all the hepatitis C symptoms that you have and thus make you feel a lot better. There are two types of hepatitis C treatment that have been aproved since now by the doctors. The first hepatitis C treatment is with interferon or with pegylated interferon alone, with no other combination and the second hepatitis C treatment is interferon combined with ribavirin. Doctors give hepatitis C patients interferon, because this drug is a kind of protein that can help fight the infection that you have. All people have interferon in their organism, so by taking this hepatitis C treatment you will have more interferon that you would normally do. This drug used to cure hepatitis C can be found in the form of a shot.

The second hepatitis C treatment is with interferon and ribavirin. Ribavirin is a drug that can fight some types of viruses, including the hepatitis C virus. This medicine come in the form of a pill, that the hepatitis C patient can swallow. Alone, ribavirin has no effect against hepatitis C virus, but together with interferon it can work miracles. To make sure that the hepatitis treatment that you are taking has any affect on you, your doctors will take blood samples before you start the hepatitis treatment, during this hepatitis C treatment and of course after you have finished the hepatitis treatment. Then your doctor will run some tests on the blood samples and tell you how your body is responding to the hepatitis C treatment. There are cases where this hepatitis C treatment will not work.

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