Hepatitis C- A Big Problem


Hepatitis C is a medical condition that shows no symptoms in many of the people that come in contact with the hepatitis C virus. Although there are symptoms which indicate hepatitis C, many doctors may also mistake them for other condition symptoms. Hepatitis C is a condition that can lead to liver diseased and even liver damage.

Some of the symptoms for hepatitis C can be fatigue, nausea, headaches and even memory loss from time to time. There are a lot of cases where people who had those hepatitis symptoms were diagnosed incorrectly because the doctors could not figure out that they actually had a hepatitis C infection. This is a very serious condition that hides its roots well. The main way of the hepatitis c virus spread is through blood. This hepatitis virus can also be passes down from mother to fetus, but these are less common cases of hepatitis C. Because hepatitis C is a silent condition, many people come to suffer from severe liver damage. You can have the hepatitis C virus, but because there are no hepatitis symptoms not even know that. The hepatitis virus has a period of incubation of about 180 days and afterward hepatitis C sets up. The hepatitis virus shows no signs that he is there and slowly starts to damage your liver. Many people realize that they have hepatitis C after they have come to chronic hepatitis stage.

There is no vaccine that can help you prevent the infection with hepatitis C virus. So all one can do to prevent hepatitis C is to avoid all the risk factors. If the hepatitis C virus is contacted, your body will try to fight it. However, the hepatitis virus can mutate and evade your immune system. As many as 80 percent of the people that are infected with the hepatitis C virus will not be able to destroy it completely. There are hepatitis C treatments available, but unfortunately they do not work for all the hepatitis patients. Some people are not able to support the mediation that must be taken in case of infection with the hepatitis C virus. There are also side effects of the hepatitis C treatment that must be taken into consideration. Doctors still search for an effective hepatitis C treatment. The most recent discovery in a hepatitis C treatment is a genetically engineered drug which must be comnined with another drug called ribavirin.