Hepatitis B – Prevention and Treatment

Hepatitis b is really contagious, especially if your child has no anti-hepa b vaccine. For adults, you can easily get Hepa b through sexual intervention with an affected person.

If you think that you do not have any symptoms of hepa b, try to have a blood check. Try to undergo a hepatitis profile and if you are negative with HbsAg, then you still have a chance to have a shot of anti-hepa b vaccine. (3 shots)

Now if one of your family has hepa b and you want to prevent yourself and the rest of your family from getting it, then you have to follow these:

try to separate spoons, forks, drinking glass and plates of the affected person from the rest of your dinner stuffs. Because the virus is just in the body fluids of the affected person. It can be in the saliva, tears, blood, semen, and sweat of the a hepa b positive person. But if the patient recovers from it, everything goes back to normal.

Now, there is no cure for hepa b or let me say there is no medicine that is meant to cure it because it is caused by a virus and not a bacteria or fungus, just like chicken pox. The medicine that is generally given are just vitamins (jetefar, essentiale) for liver. that's why It is usually symptomatic way to help the affected person. For example, if the patient has a headache, they would give him analgesic or if the patient has fever he will be given paracetamol.

In addition in preventing this virus. You should try to avoid eating too much fatty food, too much alcohol take, because it is not helping the liver at all. Because vaccine can not do anything to an affected person. So better have your children take those anti-hepa shots. It is very important.