Hep C – Coping with Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is an infectitious virus that has the tendency to damage the liver. It transfers in to the liver via the blood.

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine, for this condition. Hence, people are instructed to follow certain preventative methods in order to keep oneself off this disease.

However, when once contracted by this infectious virus of Hep C, there is no other way out than to visit a doctor and treat the condition.

Until now, there have been no specific treatment options invented to cure this disease. Only certain changes in lifestyle, diet and antiviral medications in conjunction with bed rest is recommended by the doctors to the patients.

Once the diagnosis is done, there are several issues that need to be dealt with.

The first and foremost is to start off with a treatment program. The best way to start is with your mental health. This is irrespective of how you have contracted this disease. There is no looking back. Once you have this virus, you need to get a treatment. There is no other option.

Hep C can make you feel tired. In case, you go for a therapy, you would still feel the fatigue in you. Hence, the experts suggest a good amount of sleep and eating well. If you feel that you need a nap, don’t worry and go ahead.

Another important thing is to eat a healthy diet. Make sure that your diet includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep your self hydrated. This is very important. Drink a lot of water.

Don’t take any type of vitamin supplements without consulting your health provider. These supplements may interfere a lot with other medications you eat. Remember that too much of good things are definitely going to harm your body.

The diet pattern you maintain does a lot in your overall health. A healthy diet can improve your liver via encouraging the production of new liver cells.

You need to abstain yourself from any type of alcohol. Hep C is a liver disease and alcohol can enhance chances of liver disease. Another important thing to do is to reduce salt in your diet.

When liver disease is in a severe condition, kidneys tend to get signals that result in retention of both salt and water. The salt acts as a sponge and results in liquid build up inside the body. This liquid build up can be reduced via taking a diet low in salt.

You need to get vaccinations against Hepatitis A and also for Hepatitis B. In people with Hepatitis C, infection caused by another hepatitis strain can result in further damage to the liver.

It is true that there is no vaccine for Hep C. However, a series of shots can easily protect most people from infection with the Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B viruses. It would be better to talk to your medical practitioner regarding vaccination.

A change in life style can surely provide you a great satisfaction, when it comes to Hep C treatment.