Hemorrhoids Relief

About half the populations in developed countries suffers from hemorrhoids by the age 50. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, you are not alone. Hemorrhoid is a common disease and can be treated. First of all let me give you an overview: –

What are Hemorrhoids : – Hemorrhoids, or piles, is a painful mass of swollen veins in the rectal area. Hemorrhoids can be of three types: –

  • External Hemorrhoids : – They are mass of swollen veins outside the anal or rectal area.
  • Internal Hemorrhoids : – Internal hemorrhoids are swollen veins that grow inside the anus and slip to outside.
  • Bleeding Hemorrhoids : – Both the types of hemorrhoids mentioned above can bleed and such hemorrhoids are called bleeding hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids Causes : –

  • Sitting Posture
  • : – Do not sit at a place for too long. Sitting posture is the most common cause for hemorrhoids. Take five minutes break from your work after every one hour, so that your sitting post does not put pressure on the hemorrhoids veins in the anal area.

  • Standing Position : – Standing too long can cause hemorrhoids as all the blood above the rectal area pressures pressure on rectal veins.
  • Bowel Movement : – When there is a nature's call attend it without waiting. Poor bowel movement can be another cause for hemorrhoids.
  • Processed food : – Avoid consuming processed food. It has been found that hemorrhoids cases are mostly in developed countries because people consume processed food. Processed food lack fibrous component, so eat fresh food and prefer vegetarian food.
  • Few others : – Constipation, pregnancy, and obesity can be some other causes of hemorrhoids.

Few people have got a belief that hemorrhoids may develop into cancer. Well, hemorrhoids do not develop into cancer but both can cause bleeding from rectal veins. So you should consult a physician for proper checkup.

Hemorrhoids Relief and Treatment: – Hemorrhoids treatment varies depending on its condition and the amount of problem it is causing. Some of the treatments are listed below: –

  • Temporary Relief : – Bag filled with ice should be applied by other person when the patient lies face down. This procedure can be followed until the pain lower downs.
  • Warm Water Bath : -You should sit in a tub filled with warm water after every bowel movement or 3 to 4 tines a day.
  • Intake of fibrous diet : – You should consume lots of fibrous food. The fibrous diet softens stool. Intake of fibrous food can also be a good treatment for constipation.
  • Cleanness : – Keep your anal area clean and dry, which will avoid infection.
  • See Your Doctor : – All the cases of rectal bleeding should be examined by a physician to know the cause of the disorder.
  • Using Rubber Band : – Use rubber band at the base of hemorrhoids to stop bleeding.
  • Surgery : – Surgery can be other option. If the hemorrhoid is very painful or an internal hemorrhoid has swollen too much, then surgery is an option.
  • Laser Coagulation : – This involves applying electric current to hemorrhoid. Due to this procedure a chemical reaction occurs to stop the flow of blood to hemorrhoid and it withers away.
  • Infrared Photo coagulation : – This process is followed to coagulate hemorrhoid veins. Due to which the blood flow to hemorrhoid is stopped.
  • Laser Treatment : – A tiny laser beam is used to vaporize the hemorrhoid. This process results in less bleeding and healing is much faster than the above ones.

You do not have to suffer hemorrhoids in silence. Hemorrhoids are a common disorder and you should not feel embarrassed to consult a doctor. Proper treatment and few precautions will cure hemorrhoids.