Hemorrhoids Cures – Do Hemorrhoids Home Remedies Really Work? (You Know You Want to Find Out!)

A large percentage of the population will at one time or another suffer from hemorrhoids. There are a lot of hemorrhoids home remedies out there to try. One reason people prefer to use a natural treatment is because it’s possible that creams from the pharmacy can have side effects, such as dizziness and headaches.

One of the major reasons people are afflicted is because of poor diet. Constipation causes you to sit on the toilet straining those anal muscles trying to squeeze out that bowel movement. Sometimes you can sit there for a long time and might wish that you knew of effective hemorrhoids cures!

A diet rich in fiber can get rid of constipation and can be an external hemorrhoid treatment.

Hemorrhoids home remedies include eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables each day. Whole grain cereals such as whole grain or wholemeal bread and beans are also rich in fiber.

Drinking lots of water daily is also good to help wash all that increased fiber down and is good for your digestive system.

Hemorrhoids cures can also include eating one or two prunes each day and cutting out caffeine and alcohol. If you’d like something to drink instead of a cup of coffee, why not try green tea? You should be able to buy it at the supermarket.

One external hemorrhoids treatment is to try rubbing a zinc and Castor oil cream on your bottom. This can be very soothing if you have butt vein inflammation.

So now you have quite a few hemorrhoids home remedies to try. It will probably take at least several days to see an improvement in your condition if you increase fiber in your diet, so try to be patient.