Hemorrhoid Treatment Options – Is Hemorrhoid Surgery Your Only Option?


If you suffer from external hemorrhoids, there are many ways to treat them. Hemorrhoids make everyday actions like walking and even sitting painful, and relief from the pain that they cause is very important. Home treatments have proven to be effective, safe, and inexpensive. Petroleum jelly is one of the most frequent home treatments.

External hemorrhoids are generally caused by undue stress or pressure on the veins in the anus area. These hemorrhoids are highly sensitive, and cause burning and itching in the anal area. Petroleum jelly can help to alleviate the symptoms, applied as needed.

A calculated change in lifestyle is another external hemorrhoid treatment option you can take and is sometimes the most important. Your choice of undergarments is a big factor as cotton will relate some of the swilling and irritation of the anus area by allowing the effect area to "breath". Also fabric made from cotton will help keep the area free from excess moister. Although this may seem like a small or even insignificant change you can make it is important to do all that you can to combat this problem.

The types of physical activates you partake in also play a part. Picking up heavy items, coughing constantly, extended time of standing and sitting and constipation all can cause hemorrhoids. By just changing your lifestyle using some these ways can help you manage your hemorrhoids and sometimes destroy them for good.

Phenylephrine, also known as Preparation H, is the other method. The irritating and swelling near the area of ​​concern is neutralized by the applying the phenylephrine, the active ingredient found in Preparation H. The hemorrhoids should be taken care of if the irritation and swelling is reduced. This procedure needs to be constantly repeated in order to confirm that your ailment is gone. The amount of time and application needed to cure the condition is dependent on how different of the case.

These forms of treatment are preferred because they are effective and not as expensive as conventional treatment methods. While surgical procedures are sometimes considered, they are mostly reserved for the most serve causes. Other means of home treatment should be explored first, before considering surgery, because there is always an alternative without having to spend money, time and effort to surgery.

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids there are no doubts that you have to properly address this problem and fast. Although they may help alleviate some of the symptoms it is important to remember that topical solutions such as petroleum jelly and Preparation H do not get the root cause of the problem. Because no definitive treatment exists, the adoption of lifestyle changes in diet, including incorporating supplements and natural food that aid in digestion and circulatory health are important along with positive changes in one's physical activates may eliminate your external hemorrhoids and reduce your chances for developing them again .