Help to Reduce Your Stutter by Programming Your Subconscious Mind

Around 4-5% of the population suffer from some kind of stuttering in childhood. Most of these are remedied within a few years and the children stop stuttering of their own accord. However, in the minority of cases stuttering can continue into adulthood and this can cause great anguish to those who suffer from stuttering or stammering. As with a lot of other problems like this the fact that the person has a problem can then cause them to worry about the stutter occurring which will exacerbate the problem.

There is a lot of debate about the causes of stuttering and how to stop stuttering and there is a train of thought that says that some forms of stuttering are genetic, some maybe caused by children being told off for using the wrong words or not being able to recall certain words and also that it is a physical disability.

Sometimes this kind of affliction is treated with hypnosis as well as by other types of therapy. This can have a positive effect but may not last long term. There unfortunately isn’t a permanent cure for stuttering but some treatments may help to minimise a stutter and enable a stutter to reduce. Sometimes stuttering becomes worse in pressurised situations and so being able to relax in these situations may help to minimise the stutter.

One method of helping someone to stop stuttering is for them to listen to affirmations that penetrate the subconscious mind and program it to improve the speech and ease the stuttering. Subliminal messages target that part of the brain that is able to absorb 10 times as much as the conscious mind and also will not get sabotaged by the brain telling them the messages are not true.

Use some of the following affirmations to help to conquer a stutter and ideally listen to these subconsciously to get the full effect.

  • I am relaxed and at ease in stressful situations
  • I have overcome my stutter
  • I can speak freely and easily
  • I am confident when talking to people

These are just a few you can use to start helping to eliminate a stutter. Keep using these and others on a regular basis and you could see signs of your stuttering being reduced.