Help Present Otitis Externa by Using Silicone Earplugs

Swimming is one of the healthiest body exercises there are, providing full body exercises and using only body weight and no additional burdens, furthermore the water is diminishing the weight to be carried, making it seemingly easy to swim, suddenheless the exercise is being done. Many professional swimmers, especially those who can be seen on various competitions, including the competitive divers, all of them can be seen wearing silicone earplugs. The simple explanation why it is recommended to wear silicone earplugs, if you spend a lot of time submerged in any water is the danger of contracting otitis externa.

Swimmer's ear, which is the common name for otitis externa, can be preceded by silicone earplugs. The painful earache is caused by the inflammation of the ear canal skin. The most common cause of this ear condition is swimming in dirty or somewhat contaminated water; but it happens that any water trapped for a while in the ear canal can cause it, especially in tropical and sub tropical climates.

They are most commonly used to protect the hearing from noise, but have been recognized by swimmers to be excellent in protecting their ears from water. There are several silicone earplugs products available, most popular are ones made out of silicone putty, which are completely moldable to fit individuals.

Silicone earplugs were invented by Raymond Benner, a musician who bought the existing ear plug business from a pharmacist. The product was called Mack's Earplugs and these were not made out of silicone, but some moldable clay mixture. Benner bought the business for two thousand dollars and made it to his wife, because she needed a challenge while he was playing with the symphonic orchestra. Out of that business the largest seller of silicone earplugs in the United States was born. Because Benner was an avid swimmer, he wanted to have plugs which could keep away as much water as possible, because regular plugs did not provide that feature. They seemed to do the trick, sold under the brand name Mack's Pillow Soft moldable silicone earplugs. Their expanded line today features all possible moldable and previously molded foam and silicone earplugs.

Reusable silicone earplugs should be thoroughly cleaned before being used again, it is possible that the plugs, when re-molded at the next insertion, provide bacterial and fungus for an infection, possibly causing otitis externa. Most professional swimmers use there before disposable, an infection could have consequences causing trainings be missed and the schedule disrupted.

When trying to avoid an exposure of ears and the ear canal to water and avoid under all costs an otitis externa infection, there is nothing better than silicone earplugs.