Help People With Depression

So the question you have is how to help someone with depression? The first thing you need to understand is the illness itself. Most people realize that depression is a mental illness. But what they don’t realize is that depression affects much more then just their mind. It also affects relationships with loved ones, work as well as their own body. You can probably recognize when someone you are close to isn’t just themselves.

Since depression is very difficult to identify as well as cure, you must understand that only a medical professional can help a person overcome it. There are some basic symptoms to look for. If you see a loved one suffering from more then 3 of the following items for longer then a week, then the person might be depressed.

Read everything that you can about the illness. How can you help someone with depression if you don’t know anything about it. After you read up of everything you can get your hands will be better suited to help. Just remember, you are not a doctor so don’t try to diagnosis anything.

Take all of your new found knowledge and talk to them. Let them know why you think they are depressed. Having them understand what they are going through is a disease could help them in their recovery.

Do not demand that they get help. Try to influence them the best way you can. If you are too pushy, it could cause them to completely shut down. Of course, the first sign of suicide you should take them to an emergency medical expert.

Tell them that you will find a doctor for them. Maybe offer to watch their kids while they go to an appointment. Cook dinner or take them to lunch. Dot lie to them by saying “I know what you are going through” if you don’t. Just tell them you want them to get better.