Help! I Have Pimples, Rashes, Scars And Blemishes On My Face

Do you desire a clearer, brighter, more even toned complexion? Join the club. As a former cosmetic chemist, turned trichologist, I, too, have been plagued by acne eruptions, dark spots, frown lines, puffy bags, and pimples that are out of this world at this most inconvenient times. I often used the most expensive spa treatments on clients, often provided through samples and catalogs. However, many of these treatments, although made with good intentions, were just not delivering results for my clients, or even myself during my personal applications. To add insult to injury, many of these products were overloaded with chemicals. Now, I personally did not have a problem with the chemicals until one my customers explained her unequivocal aversion to them. Armed with new information from her, I went on a quest to mix up some personal herbal remedies and also seek some natural solutions that I could use on during facials, thermal facial massages, and the such.

It really isn’t hard to achieve more beautiful skin. The key, however, is to first recognize your skin type, your skin issues, and to love your skin! Your skin will never be perfect, but problems can be perfected. Plus, unless you walk around with a personal airbrush, as many of the stars do, blemishes and blotchiness, is just a fact of life. The wind, sun, rain, alcohol, and too much or too little sleep can change your skin from day to day. But, if you nourish your skin, especially with herbs, juices, fruits, oils, and butters, you can experience some amazing results.

Tip #1: Recognize your skin type

Okay, everyone has reviewed and toiled over this information. Do I have combination skin? Do I have dry skin? Is my skin sensitive? Is my skin oily or normal? The answer is yes. Your skin is most likely all of these from time to time; and sometimes, the environment or the application of makeup or other products can make your skin more or less of any of these. Your best bet to strike a balance with your skin and its skin type is to do the following:

– Find a cleanser that is NOT overdrying, but rather, balances your sebum production in the skin and also moisturizing. Cleansers are there to purify, not make your skin feel like the desert. Sometimes, people feel that the lack of oil on the face means your face is clean. But, oh contraire, my fair. In many cultures, oils are used to clarify and cleanse. Oil does not equal grease and despite all the hype about “oil-free” makeup and “oil-free” cleansers, many oils have tannins and natural astringent qualities. This means they are cleansing. Plus, from the Brazilians to the Mayans to West Africans, oils are a very important part of maintaining healthy, brilliant, clear skin. So, do your own research. Try naturally cleansing herbal formulas that contain astringent oils from fruits like grapeseed, orange, and even banana. Also, try products that have fruit juices, like lemon, apple, aloe vera, or lime. I personally love Beauty 4 Ashes’ Naturally Clear Acne Facial Cleanser and Facial Radiance System. The cleanse is a smooth and creamy and clarifies and exfoliates without extra abrasiveness without using chemicals. I love the naturallness of it and it smells great. The system uses an organic sugar facial exfoliator, which naturally contains astrigent and skin energizing properties, to smooth and purify the skin. Absolutely brilliant. It can be found in the UK at or for the States. You may also try Shiseido radiance cream. Pairing the completeness of the Beauty 4 Ashes Facial Radiance System with the Shiseido Radiance Cream, the skin has a beautiful luminance and during the actual cleansing process, it is only fed all natural ingredients.

Make sure you tone and refine your skin after cleansing, this will help further clarify and refine pores. If you have large pores like I do (thanks mom), you definitely need a toner or facial balancer. Avoid facial balancers that contain alcohol. Alcohol is very drying. It disrupts the skin’s normal pH. A great toner is pure Aloe Vera Juice, which also has great healing properties. This will also help regulate your skin type, no matter the weather.

Don’t forget to moisturize, no matter what! Even if your skin is oily, you need to moisturize it. One, it will fight future wrinkles. You will be grateful for this as you age. I like B4A Natural Kojic Even Tone and Brightening Cream. I apply this daily myself before bedtime and my skin is also luminous the next morning. I give samples to my clients and it has done wonders for fighting future breakouts for them and also brightening dark circles and dark spots from blemishes on the face. It is pretty power packed, and best of all, it is all natural! A little dab does the trick and I am able to take credit for a great natural product without even mixing up the concoction myself. What bliss!

Tip #2: Recognize your skin issues

Target your skin issues. Sometimes, clients may a wham bam thank you ma’am approach to their skin care. They hear all the marketing babble and want do get rid of wrinkles, age spots, acne, dark spots, and have a dewy, fresh face over night. While some products multitask, you also must multitask and have patience.

Focus on clarity, tone, and texture of the skin first. These are skin issues that have developed and drastically effect the surface of the skin. Often, if you tackle these, your skin’s health will increase and your will have a brighter, softer, or dewy complexion. Find a product that focuses on reducing blemishes, have skin smoothing and even tone properties, and also have anti-inflammatory properties. If you want chemicals, I prefer Bliss. If you want all natural, I recommend Beauty 4 Ashes.

Next, tackle issues that affect the skin below the surface, such as collagen production and pH stabilization. These things to tackle issues such as wrinkles, scars, and skin congestion. Believe or not, the best way to do this is to feed your skin what it needs. While acne has not been proven to be caused by what you eat, eating right can definitely make your skin appear more healthy. Eating foods rich in Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K is very skin friendly. I also recommend client to begin supplementing their dietary supplements of Green Tea, B Complex, Sea Kelp, and Evening Primrose. The skin really shows the difference.

Tip #3: Love Your Skin

You may suffer from horrible acne now; or you may have crow’s feet that are never ending, but times changes and life continues to go forward. Do not live your life in a bubble missing moments of life and days of enjoyment because of your skin. You are more than a face. No matter how cliché it may sound, some of the ugliest people with the worse skin have become idolized in society because they have created an image of beauty and glamour that is only fictional, either through makeup and airbrushing or simply by exuding confidence.