Help And A Solution For Obesity

In this article I will discuss the primary factor that causes obesity. How the cycle of obesity starts, and what you can do to regain control of your health.
In order to understand obesity and what is probably the most important factor effecting obesity, you have to understand the mechanisms of how the body functions when you put fuel into it.

You eat, Let's say, a chicken sandwich on wheat bread with mayonaisse and a 20 oz. soft drink. The protein from the chicken is broken down into amino acids, the fat from the mayonaisse into fatty acids and the carbohydrates from the bread into simple sugars (glucose). So far so good, as long as you are not consuming more calories than your body needs you will not gain weight, but here comes the soft drink. A 20 oz. drink with 45 grams of sugar.
Your blood sugar level spikes rapidly, this causes your pancreac to respond by releasing an equivalent spike of insulin. Insulin forces glucose into the cells at an alarming rate, this in turn causes the release of Free radicals from the cells. The Free Radicals cause the capillaries of your muscle tissue to become inflamed. Your muscle tissue utilizes 80-90% of the calories that you consume but because the tissue is inflamed by the spike in blood sugar, your muscle has just lost most of its' ability to process those calories.

Insulin also blocks fat from being released. Fat is nothing more than a "Reserve Energy Storage Facility" This energy reserve will only be released if it is needed. As long as there is plenty of available energy in the form of incoming calories, that fat is going to stay right where it is. Insulin is only released when food energy is being processed, when the body senses the release of Insulin it knows that the fat reserves are not needed and blocks the release of energy from those fat stores. Now that the tracks on your glucose train have been switched from your muscle cells to your fat cells, these calories are now Uber-calories. They are going right to your Storage Facility.

The calories are now stored as fat because your muscle tissue has lost it's ability to utilize them. After a short period of time, sometimes 30 minutes, your blood sugar level and Insulin level come crashing down as your body tries to balance things out. You are left with a feeling of not only being tired, but a feeling of being hungry again. This is that "carb craving", you just have to eat something, usually another high glucose meal and the cycle starts all over again.

Most of what we think of as "emotional eating" is really just this vicious cycle.Normally when you want to lose weight you go on a diet, you restrict the amount of calories you take in, but the problem is that this cycle is never really broken. So you fight these cravings while trying to eat less food, it becomes a contest of Biology against Phsycology. The game then becomes, how long can you stand the torment before you ever give up.
It takes 5 days of low glycemic meals to break this cycle. The first three days require some real determination to get through the withdrawal symptoms, by the fourth day youre 'feeling much better and on the fifth day the cravings are gone, you feel great, and you can learn to eat properly without the daily torment.
There are certainly other factors that effect obesity that I will discuss in future articles. It is my sincere hope that this article has shed some light for you on this problem of obesity. You can beat this, you can be free to eat normally, you can change your whole life, just never give up until you get where you want to be. It really is worth it. YOU are worth it.

Before beginning any diet or weight loss program always consult your physician.