Heartburn, Indigestion and Vomiting Are Common Stomach Problems

Most people are bound to suffer from one kind of stomach problem or another. There are dozens of different disorders, but the problems that people most frequently complain about are indigestion, vomiting and heartburn. Each of these conditions has its own set of causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

Possibly the most common stomach problem in the world is vomiting. This condition can be triggered by any of a large number of causes, including viral infections, excessive alcohol drinking, over-fatigue, and pregnancy.

When you vomit frequently, your body tends to lose huge amounts of fluids. This can eventually lead to dehydration, which can be a root of several more serious health conditions. It is therefore very important to replenish your body’s fluids by drinking a lot of water. Even if you think your body is just going to reject the water that you drink, you still have to make an effort in avoiding dehydration.

Another common type of stomach problem is heartburn. Excruciating pain and tightness in the lower chest is the most common symptom of this illness. For some people, the pain may be nothing more than a mild cramp that will soon fade away but for others, the relentless pain can last for several days, or even weeks. Heartburn is usually caused by the type or amount of food that you have eaten in the past two days.

When you overeat or consume extremely spicy foods, the intestinal muscles tighten up, preventing the food from being released out of the stomach. This spurs the stomach to produce more acid, which will then rise to the esophagus and result in the burst of pain that we know as heartburn.

Heartburn and other similar kinds of stomach problems can usually be treated by taking an over-the-counter antacid. This medication will bring the acidity down to normal levels and eventually get rid of the pain and discomfort. For more serious problems however, you might need to seek professional treatment.

Stomach problems can turn into more severe medical conditions if not given immediate and adequate treatment. Prevention of these illnesses is usually much simpler than getting treatment. In fact, all you need is to eat a healthy diet everyday, take in lots of fluids, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. These good health habits will significantly reduce your risk of developing serious problems, while improving your overall physical condition as well.