Heart Palpitations Anxiety Attacks Symptoms

Without a doubt the scariest anxiety attacks symptoms are heart palpitations. These symptoms are very scary because people often confuse them with other physical ailments and illnesses such as heart attacks and strokes. These are no doubt some of the scariest symptoms that anxiety attacks can cause. These are very common in people that are suffering from anxiety attacks… unfortunately most people self-diagnosis which leads them into a cycle of anxiety.

So why do these anxiety attacks symptoms occur?

When you feel nervous your heart starts to race and your blood starts to flow through your body quickly. This happens because your body is anticipating a conflict… the increase in blood flow helps supply your body and muscles with extra oxygen. When you have extra blood flowing through your body… you are physically ready for anything that comes your way.

The problem with all of this extra blood being redirected to your muscles is that your blood is channeled away from places like all of your extremities such as your fingers or your toes. When you need extra blood… your extremities are no where near as important as your torso and thighs. This is great if you are about to get into a fight for you life… but if you are just feeling anxiety about work it really does not help you at all.

When you draw blood away from all of your extremities and send it to other muscles heart palpitations and anxiety may occur. This blood shift may also cause various other symptoms such as headache, numbness, and tingling… all of which may be mistaken for heart attack or stroke symptoms.

It’s up to you to get rid of these anxiety attacks symptoms. You must clear your mind and find a way in which you can effectively work on processing your anxiety correctly. Your heart palpitations are just anxiety attacks symptoms… and they are very common. You have to stop worrying about other illnesses and focus on what is more important… your anxiety attacks.

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