Heart Disease Supplements


By taking certain health supplements, aging, diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure and cholesterol can be controlled. These supplements can also increase energy levels, making it easier to be more physically active. With these same health supplements, heart circulation, energy and strength can be increased, again allowing people to be more physically active.

Omega 3 is probably the most researched nutritional supplement in the world. The astounding health benefits of omega-3 have been studied by some of the most prestigious institutions and their findings have been reported in literally thousands of the world’s best peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals. The two most important omega 3 fatty acids that help support a healthy heart are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Food is good enough to keep us alive but apparently not good enough to fix us when we are sick. Nutritional supplements are necessary because the foods most of us eat are grown in mineral-depleted soils. There is evidence that increased intake of certain nutrients reduces the incidence of heart disease, cancer and stroke. The good word from these nutritional authorities is simple: we live longer and healthier if we exercise, have a good diet and supplement.

The herb ephedra (which is found in all dietary product and weight loss pills) and its extracts ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine, found in over-the-counter cold remedies, can cause nervousness, insomnia, headache, and high blood pressure. Alkaloids, including substances such as caffeine, morphine, and quinine, which increase blood pressure and heart rate, all are to be avoided.

Saturated fat causes the liver to overproduce cholesterol. The liver makes about 75 percent of the cholesterol your body needs from internal sources, while the remaining 25 percent comes from food. But when you eat too much saturated fat, your liver keeps producing cholesterol and you end up with much more cholesterol than you need.

Clinical trials have attempted to study the relationship between CoQ10 and many chronic diseases including, but not limited to, heart disease, cancer and AIDS. But heart disease has gained the most attention; congestive heart failure being one of the primary subjects. Because heart muscle cells require so much energy to function and CoQ10 is at the core of the cellular energy process it makes sense to suspect that congestive heart failure might be linked to CoQ10 deficiency.

The overwhelming new cases of diabetes in the world today are the result of insulin resistance. Physicians are busy treating blood sugars rather than the underlying problem, the insulin resistance. Diet, exercise, and potent nutritional supplements all improve sensitivity to your own insulin and are critical in preventing diabetes from occurring in the first place or, if you already have diabetes, helping control your diabetes.

Stress has also been proven as a heavy contributor to health problems. B vitamins have been shown in many tests and trials to reduce stress through increasing serotonin in he brain and therefore elevating moods. A happier person is generally a healthier person with a better quality life and in turn a healthier heart.

Fish consumption and heart disease has been a topic of innumerable studies. One research project combined data taken from several such studies including the Chicago Western Electric Study, the Zutphen, Rotterdam and Swedish studies and the Study of U.S. Physicians among others. The goal of this research was to examine the relationship between fish consumption and the 30-year risk of death from coronary disease.

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