Heart Disease is a Killer

Heart disease is a common term used to describe many afflictions that affect the heart. The heart is one of, if not the most important organs in our body. If the heart stops pumping blood around the body the average time it takes for a person to die is around 1 minute. This is very serious indeed and steps should be taken to ensure you have a healthy heart, especially in older age where you are more at risk.

Diet plays a very important part in combating heart disease but is not the only risk factor. Smoking for example is a risk factor that should not be taken lightly. Smoking leaves fatty deposits in your arteries making it harder for the heart to pump blood around your body, or in the case of a stroke, can clog the artery up altogether.

High blood pressure is another factor to consider. High blood pressure means the heart has to pump harder to get the blood around your body and can thin arteries and cause irreparable damage. Diabetes can also increase your risk of heart disease as it also effects circulation. Anything that puts stress on the circulation of your blood around your body can increase your risk of heart disease.

As I mentioned earlier diet plays an important role also. Eating food with high cholesterol, over time, leaves faty deposits in your arms again putting strain on the circulation of your blood, therefore putting a strain on your heart.

It is quite easy to combat heart disease. Eat healthy and watch your weight. Exercise on a regular basis and stay away from cigarettes. It's that simple.