Heart Disease – Foods You Should Take in Order to Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke

Mainly gender and age are the influences of heart disease and stroke. There are a variety of heart diseases that can affect your heart mainly when you get old. Amongst the very common ones is the heart attack. Stroke occurs when brain dysfunctions slowly, due to lack of blood supply to it.

Be Precocious In Your Actions

Every action that you do today may cause an adverse effect or a good one to your heart. You have to be precocious to keep your actions in such a way that it prevents heart disease and stroke in the future. In a recent survey, Men are more attacked by heart disease than women are, as the latter just pour out their hard feeling by crying or sharing with others that men don’t do. A man keeps all his worries inside his heart and does not let it flow through tears. So, he is more prone to heart attack or stroke.

Common Cause For Heart Disease

The main reason for heart disease is the increase in cholesterol level. When the cholesterol level increases, it may cause a block in blood flow which eventually results in heart attack. It is advised to avoid rich fat foods like butter, but the actual culprit in creating heart attack is food, which is rich in sugar. People, who have excessive weight, are more prone to heart attack. So, a person should mainly take care of the diet to prevent heart attack and stroke.

Proper Diet Avoids Heart Disease & Stroke

Diet is one thing, which a person has to maintain, in order to prevent heart disease and stroke. To prevent heart disease from getting worsening, you need to follow a strict and healthy diet. First of all, realise the major risk factors of heart disease. Fluctuation in blood pressure level, cholesterol level, diabetes, smoking and alcohol consumption may cause heart problems.

Role of Fruits, Fresh Vegetables and Fish

Like the proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, there are certain things that you have to follow in order to prevent certain diseases. Most important thing is avoid too much of sugar, red meat, fat and too much of salt. Try taking loads of fruits and fresh vegetables. This is the most preferred diet. One more thing, which prevents heart attack, is fish. Adding too much of ordinary oil while cooking can harm your health. So, try cooking with Olive Oil, which has got no harm.

Have Proper Intake of Fiber and Water Intake

We should have a good digestive system to get rid of these diseases. The only possible way is to have proper diet on fiber and water intake. Eight glasses of water is prescribed for a person to be healthy. Natural foods, which are rich in folic acid like spinach, orange juice and leafy vegetables are prescribed by most doctors. Again, you can also opt for natural foods, which are rich in Magnesium like beets, dates and soya beans. To avoid stroke, you can have grains, rye, cooking herbs, turmeric, ginger, shallots, sweet potatoes and tofu.

Never be addicted to tobacco and alcohol, which may surely lead to heart attack and stroke. Control your diet by taking limited amount of salt, sugar and foods with high fat. With such a routine, you’ll notice the difference in a very short period.