Heart Disease – Common Age Related Diseases

In our lifetime, we have several things that can affect the heart and cause heart disease. As person who has had a stent put in then four and half years later had triple-by-pass surgery. I recommend you start now learning about things that can affect your heart.

My problem was I learned many things after surgery. I relied on my MD and Cardio gist who informed me of nothing.

Below is list of things that affect your heart:

Low/Blood EPP/DHA, Elevated C – reactive Protein, Excess LDL, Excess Insulin, Low HDL, High Glucose, Nitric Oxide Deficit, Insufficient Vitamin D, Excess Estrogen, Excess Triglycerides, Low Free Testosterone, Excess Fibrinogen, Excess Homocysteine, Hypertension, Low Vitamin K, Excess Cholesterol, Oxidized LDL, Thyroid off, Plus many more.

What happens, as we get older these things start affecting the heart. Far too often, they can cause angina or acute heart attack. In my case, I have angina heart disease.

You will need the following list to find out where you are at health wise.

Blood test Panel should include:

Lipid Profile

Total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides

Cardiac Markers

C-Reactive Protein, Homocysteine


Progesterone, DHEA-S, Free & Total Testosterone, Estradiol (and estrogen), TSH (Thyroid function)

Metabolic Profile

Glucose, Kidney function test: creatinine, BUN, uric acid,

Liver function tests: AST,ALT,LDH,GGT, bilirubun, alkaline, prosphatase,

Blood mineral, Blood proteins

Complete Blood Count

Red Blood cell count, White Blood cell count, Platelet count

You may want to consider going to a Doctor of Natural Medicine. He was one who told me I had thyroid problem, which affects the heart. After my hear surgery, I was told I would be like new in 6 weeks. It never happened by 7 months I had pain shooting down my arm again. I would go up one flight stairs and be out of breath. What I had with the triple-by-pass surgery was a bandage on my problem. My doctor of N.D. is the one who is helping me heal.

I recommend you do your research into your health problems. Do not totally rely on your MD or cardiologist. I find they give me very little information. Don’t get me wrong, you still need your MD and Cardiologist but there are other options less invasive as heart surgery for angina heart disease.