Heart Burn Symptoms

Spicy foods, large meals, sodas, coffee, citrus fruits, tomatoes and fried foods can all lead to heart burn symptoms. You can try a burn heart home remedy, but if you have not had these symptoms evaluated by a doctor, they could be related to a more serious condition. Common heart burn symptoms include a burning sensation in the throat or the chest. Non-burning chest pain, heaviness, pressure or nausea associated with chest pain should be checked out immediately by a physician.

If your heart burn symptoms are the more common type, you are not alone. Many people, particularly in the Western world suffer from heart burn symptoms everyday. Lifestyle, the foods we eat and obesity can all lead to heart burn symptoms. If you are looking for a burn heart home remedy other than the many over the counter antacids that are available, there are several botanicals that may be effective.

Gingerroot is a commonly available burn heart home remedy, as are peppermint and rhubarb. Some botanicals that may not be as easy to find, but that may relieve heart burn symptoms are bayberry, birch, dandelion, fennel, liverwort, pasture brake, pleurisy root, red clover and sweet rush root. These botanicals were all used by Native Americans to treat indigestion and heart burn symptoms. Consult an expert in herbs and natural remedies for usage instructions.

Sometimes the best burn heart home remedy is prevention. Once you experience heart burn symptoms, you can try a botanical or over the counter med, but evaluating the foods that you eat and your lifestyle may prevent the heart burn symptoms from recurring. I love tomatoes, but noticed that whenever I ate them, I experienced heart burn symptoms. All foods do not affect all people the same way, so it is necessary to evaluate your own diet personally. Heart burn symptoms that occur after a large meal may not be related to a specific food, but just to the fact that the stomach is overly full and acid has backed up into the lower throat or esophagus. It is the stomach acid that causes the burning sensation.

Lying down after a large meal can lead to heart burn symptoms. Proper digestion does not occur in this position, so another good burn heart home remedy is a leisurely walk after dinner. Other forms of exercise after a large meal may only increase the heart burn symptoms. Even repeatedly bending over to pick up the kids toys or loading the dishes in the dishwasher may cause the acid to rise up out of the stomach and lead to heart burn.

Smoking can cause heart burn symptoms. Smoking dries out the saliva in the mouth and throat that would normally neutralize stomach acid. If the other risks associated with smoking have not made you quit, maybe your heart burn symptoms will. Neutralizing the stomach acid is the goal of any burn heart home remedy as well as the over the counter and prescription meds. Sometimes a calcium supplement will work. Calcium carbonate is the active ingredient in many common antacids.

Another way to avoid heart burn symptoms is to drink water with your meals instead of soda, in fact drinking soda before bed can lead to night time heart burn symptoms. Night time heart burn can be particularly distressing and may lead to coughing fits and disturbed sleep. Drinking water is not a burn heart home remedy, but may prevent the heart burn symptoms form occurring in the first place.

Chronic heart burn symptoms should be reported to and evaluated by your doctor. Acid reflux disease is often first diagnosed after a person reports frequent heart burn symptoms. While occasional symptoms may be effectively treated with a burn heart home remedy, chronic heart burn symptoms may require additional treatment.

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