Heart Attacks! More Sex Could Lower the Risk!


A recent study showed that frequency of sexual activity for men was an indicator of overall health.

We are all looking for ways to reduce  heart   attacks  in our daily life. Whether it is our loved ones or ourselves. When we discuss things that are good for your heart you guessed right it had to get around to sex.

The incidence of cardiovascular disease increased dramatically when frequency of intercourse dropped below at least every other week. What the study did not define was whether cardiovascular disease slowed the frequency or whether sex once a month or less was the precursor to  heart  disease such as high cholesterol, P.A.D., stroke or  heart   attacks .

The study did indicate that men that participated at least twice a week in sexual activity were much less likely to have any form of heart disease, including erectile dysfunction. P.A.D. was not included in this particular study but is related to high cholesterol and overall platelet activity and as such with the higher activity this disease, too, is much less likely to be a problem to men that stay active sexually.

Susan P. Hall of the New England Research Institute reported that men that participated in sex at least twice a week had a much lower rate of heart disease in a 16 year study of over 1,100 men, than did those with sexual activity 1 time or less a month.

Hall and colleagues analyzed men taking part in the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, looking at erectile dysfunction plus other sexual function variables, such as libido.

What the researchers conclude was that as frequency of sexual activity decrease the incidence of erectile dysfunction as well as cardiovascular disease increased. This I believe is an indicator of  heart   attacks  as well.

What was not conclusive is which contributed to the other. Less sex to heart disease or heart disease to less sex. More or less sex is a choice so my thought is why not choose what indicates less  heart   attack  risk. My conclusion is that the more active a man can be throughout his lifetime the better. By active I mean physical in an aerobic sense as well as active in intimacy in the bedroom so what we have known for years is still true, inactivity leads to atrophy which leads to problems that are life threatening in one arena or another.

Researchers reported their findings in the American Journal of Cardiology. Where you can see their full findings.

The researchers conclusion also indicated that a man’s libido and capacity for sexual activity could be an indicator of overall health, especially as an indicator of cardiovascular disease.

Another factor that the study concluded was that men with the greater sexual activity of at least twice a week and were in a long term fulfilling relationship which indicated less stress. Less stress is a healthy state and is an established indicator of better heart health.

What we as men can take from this study is that our sexual health is closely related to our cardiovascular health and one is a pretty fair indicator of the other. We need to stay active in all areas of our life for the fulfilling life we all desire.