Heart Attack

Heart attack is a condition in which blood flow to a particular portion of the heart is stopped. The blood carries oxygen to the heart muscles. That portion of the heart gets damaged due to lack of oxygen.

Heart related disease is the main killer of most of the men’s and women’s in USA alone.

Cause – Heart attack occurs when the coronary arteries that supplies blood and oxygen to the heart gets blocked. This blockage is caused due to accumulation of cholesterol at a particular point in the arteries. This narrows the artery and lowers the supply of blood to the heart. This condition usually causes the patient to get severe pain in the chest especially when the patient is walking or performing a task that needs heart to pump more blood. If not detected in time this passage is totally blocked and obstructs the supply of blood to the heart causing it to stop.

Know you are having a heart attack – Acting immediately on the first signs of heart attack symptoms can save the life of the patient. The symptoms of a heart attack are.

1. Chest pain – unbearable pain, feel as if someone is sitting on your chest. This pain goes and comes back after few minutes.

2. Discomfort – Discomfort in both arms, back, neck, jaws etc

3. Breath – Difficulty in berating.

4. Other signs include nausea, vomiting, fainting, or cold sweat.

If you know someone is having a heart attack call 911 or call your doctor immediately. Giving a patient immediate medical attention will save his life. Prevention is better than cure. In my site, which is mentioned below I have mentioned many home bases and safe ideas that will help you to lead a healthy life. Many of the techniques suggested will also benefit patients already with a heart ailment.