Heart Attack – You Must Know What Causes It

What actually causes heart attack?

Heart attack or who is also known as myocardial infraction is death of heart muscle from the obstruction is suddenly on the result of coronary arterial thrombosis.

Stoppage on taking arterial blood and oxygen from the heart muscle that causes the heart muscle injury. Injury in the heart of this cause chest pain and a painful sensation. If blood flow is not restored to the heart muscle in 20-40 minutes can cause death.

There are several causes of heart attack, among which are:

High cholesterol level

A high cholesterol level will accelerate the process of a stoppage atherosclerosis the blood vessel. Cholesterol level for adults should not exceed 200mg. Foods that can cause high cholesterol, namely seafood, yellow egg, milk, ice cream.

High blood pressure

According to the WHO blood pressure in normal adults is 140/90mmHg. People who have high blood pressure more exposed to the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Smoking habits

Smoking habits can cause a heart attack because the speed of an atherosclerosis irritation on the blood vessel wall so that sediment cholesterol accelerates, facilitate the occurrence of thrombosis that can clog the blood vessel channel and lowering good cholesterol.

Poor sport

Sports that can be regularly exposed to the risk heart attack, because it can accelerate feed oxygen and blood to the entire body.

Excessive coffee drinking habits

The habit of excessive drinking coffee more than 4 cups a day can trigger the occurrence of suspected heart disease. Based on research conducted, a person who frequently consume coffee more than 4 cups a day have affected the risk of heart disease two-fold compared with people who do not consume or just one cup a day.


Physical and mental fatigue can trigger various chronic diseases, such as indigestion, heart trouble and a decrease in system resistance body. Condition of the tired body plus the ongoing consumption of cigarettes and various supplements and beverages that contain ginseng and caffeine can aggravate the situation which resulted in someone exposed to heart attack.

So, to avoid the attack of heart disease you should set the pattern of living a healthy and exercise regularly and stop smoking.