Heart Attack Treatment Tip – Cayenne For the Heart

These tiny, colorful hot pepper powerhouses really pack a punch. Not only do they add zing to your food but they have an absolute plethora of health benefits especially for the heart. Cayenne and other hot peppers are all members of the genus Capsicum and wherever you choose cayenne, habanero, red Thai, or any of the other hot varieties, they all have amazing heart healthy properties. Anyone with a family history of cardiovascular disease or if they have heart disease themselves needs to add cayenne to the diet.

Cayenne does not have just one heart healthy action; it has them all! It lowers blood pressure benefiting those with hypertension. This relieves the stress on the heart. High blood pressure makes the heart pump harder and harder, ever wearing out the heart. It opens up the blood vessels almost immediately allowing blood to flow freely. In addition it fights cholesterol, cleansing the blood vessels of deposits that can lead to atherosclerosis. Cayenne helps bring nutrients and oxygen directly to the

heart by opening up the coronary blood vessels, strengthening the heart muscle.

Cayenne strengnthens every blood vessel in the body including tiny capillaries that bring nutrients and oxygen to every cell and remove the toxic waste products from the cells. Hot peppers even keep the blood from sticking together preventing dangerous clots. All of these actions help cayenne prevent heart attacks and strokes. Herbalists agree that hot peppers are the number one herb for the heart.

Studies show that cultures that consume a lot of hot peppers in their food have a much lower incidence of heart and cardiovascular disease. You can add peppers to food, make an instant stimulating cup of hot cayenne tea, use high quality hot sauce on vegetables or in soups and stews, or take cayenne capsules.

Worried about ulcers? No need, cayenne actually has properties that heal ulcers! Loaded with nutrients and phytochemicals, cayenne is high in Vitamins A and C. Vitamin C is essential for the health of blood vessels. It strengthens vessel walls and is necessary for the body to produce collagen, the substance that keeps the cell walls flexible and supple. There are many stories of heart attacks and strokes being immediately stopped by cayenne. This is certainly not a substitute for medical attention but in an emergency situation before help arrive, a cup of hot water with cayenne, or even a tablespoon of hot sauce placed under the tongue can stop the heart attack.