Heart Attack – The Leading Cause of Death?

"Prevention is better than cure." – This is really true and must not be ignored by any of us. Healthy mind, body and soul definitely increases you life span. Who would like to die at young age? Who does not want to linger and enjoy life? Who would want to leave their loved ones behind? Of course – "No one!"

It's never too late to act for your own body, for your own health. There are numerous causes of death not only in the United States but all over the world. Heart attack is one of the major causes of death that we can all fight and avoid.
How would you know if you are having a heart attack?

Here are the symptoms you should look after:

oPressure or crushing pain in your chest sometimes with nausea, sweating or vomiting.

oThe feeling of tightness in your chest.

oShortness of breath usually more than a couple of seconds.

oPain chest extends up to your jaw, left arm or shoulder.

Do not ignore it when you have encountered any of these symptoms. Better get help immediately and consult your doctor. The sooner you get treatment the greater the chance for you to prevent the heart attack.

Here are some basic things you need to know to prevent it:

oDo not smoke. If you are smoking, start quitting now!

oEat healthy diet

oExercise regularly

oLose weight if you are overweight

oIf you are diabetic, control your blood sugar

Your everyday diet also plays a big role in preventing this disease. Watch out for the foods you take, you never know if it's good for you. It is very important to eat foods based on your metabolic type. How would you know your metabolic type? Out lands check Http://mercola.com/2003/feb/26/metabolic_typing.htm

Act now before it's too late. Do not let heart attack take you away from your loved-ones or vice versa.
Nowadays there are many things to do and are available for heart attack prevention. Know more about To this, visit Http://mercola.com/article/heart_disease/index.htm for more additional information.

Be aware and live your life to the fullest!