Heart Attack Statistics in the United States

Heart attacks and heart disease are among the leading causes of preventable deaths every year, and millions of Americans are affected either directly or indirectly by them. As the United States continues to struggle with problems such as obesity and over-rich diet, more and more Americans find themselves developing the health problems that will eventually lead to heart attacks and angina.

The problem shows no signs of going away quickly, as the following statistics seem to indicate:

  • Approximately 426,000 Americans died in 2006 as the result of heart attacks or angina. This accounts for roughly one-sixth of the entire mortality rate.
  • Every year, 1.26 million people suffer a heart attack, either for the first time or a recurrent time. About a third of the people who experience an episode die.
  • 50% of deaths occur within one hour of an episode, usually outside of a hospital.
  • Approximately 17.6 million people in the US are living with some form of heart disease. About 60% of these are male.
  • A further 10 million suffer from angina. About 500,000 new cases are discovered every year.
  • The most common time for a person to suffer an episode is in the morning, when blood palettes are stickier.
  • Both men and women are advised to monitor their health, as both are almost equally likely to suffer the effects of heart disease.
  • Women tend to take longer to respond to the effects of an attack, putting them at higher risk of dying after an episode.

Heart health is an increasingly important issue in the American public consciousness.