Heart Attack Or Heartburn – Which One is This Chest Pain?

You have severe pain in the chest. You feel generally not good — rather strange in fact. You've no energy, and feel generally weak. Of course you want to know if this is a heart attack or heartburn. Go to the emergency room immediately. Only the doctor can tell for sure, and you can not afford to take any chances. Even if it is neither, your doctor needs to be informed of what is going on for you, as the symptoms could be indicative of other things as well.

The following are the typical symptoms for your comparison. But, understand that a heart attack can show almost none of these and still be happening. If you have any question, bookmark this site and call 911.

Do not drive yourself, your symptoms could get worse and you might not make it to medical attention.

Warning signs of heart attack:

> Chest Pain – most pain is in the center of the chest. It can feel like a very heavy weight sitting on your chest, a squeezing, or a too full sensation. Sometimes it comes and goes.
> Other Pains – often more described as aches – can be in one or both arms, commonly the left, the back, or stomach, and in the neck and / or jaw.
> Shortness of Breath – can show no other symptom
> Others – Sweating, lightheadedness, nausea and vomiting.

Women are different from men as follows: apt to have more pain in the jaw than in the chest, more apt to have the nausea / vomiting, shortness of breath more severe. It can still be a heart attack!

Signs of Heartburn and Acid Reflux:

> Heartburn – a burning pain in the middle of the chest, can be sharp or more like pressure than burning. Often mimics the pain of a heart attack, hence the easy confusion.

> Regurgitation – liquid and sometimes small particles of food backing up the esophagus into the throat, (this is the reflux action). This liquid generally causes sever stinging or burning pain. It's ACID!

> Nausea – and or vomiting. Can be one without the other. Not the most common symptoms.

> Symptoms worsen when lying down.

No wonder people are not sure if the chest pain is heartburn or heart attack. Now that your MD has determined you have Acid Reflux and not a heart attack, you will want good information in regards to what to do about it. The good news is, it is curable. And, I'm sure you want a complete understanding of this malady and how to live with it while you cure it.

Your doctor may have handed you some antacid pills and told you there is no cure. But, that is incorrect information. Since the cure is holistic, not all doctors are aware of it, or of how successful it is.