Heart Attack – How To Know If Someone Gets One?

Heart attack is no joke. Even if the patient received treatment late by a minute, he or she may die. Hence, the time in getting treatment is indeed important to heart attack patients and it is best to get treatment immediately. However, you may only realize that the patient is suffering the attack after seeing him gasping for air and grabbing his chest with his arms. It might be too late for you to notice that as the attack has already gone too far. Therefore, it is important to recognize the symptoms of a person getting heart attack.

How does heart attack feel? You have absolutely no idea on that until you actually feel it. That is why you should know the symptoms in order to prevent the attack. For your information, heart attack patients will feel pain on both the chest and most likely they will grab their chest. You may also observe that they are quite dizzy and they might just faint anytime. Call ambulance immediately if you encountered such circumstances.

Other than that, those who are suffering from heart attack will keep sweating and vomiting. These symptoms are quite common among them and remember ask them if they are feeling well. If they still feel uncomfortable after sweating and vomiting, seek medical attention promptly. Besides that, heart attack victims will experience pain on their neck, shoulder, jaw and arms. Most of these patients do not take these tiny symptoms serious as they thought it is just a minor pain. Always ask them to tell you if they feel such pain as it may lead to sudden heart attack.

Another symptom that you should keep an eye on is shortness of breath. Whenever someone is short of breath, he or she tends to breathe loudly gasping for air. You should be extra alert whenever you have heart attack patients around you. It is mainly because they cannot shout for help but to only walk to you. Some cannot even walk after having such symptoms.

Lastly, inconsistency in a victim’s heart beat is a sign of incoming heart attack. Once the beat runs out of its tempo, the patient will get excited and heart attack strikes. Therefore, it is a good practice to check the patient’s heart beat from time to time.