Hearing Aid Batteries – Replacement Tips

Hearing aid batteries come in their own specific sizes. Because they are located withinicate and often expensive equipment, changing these batteries can be difficult and intimidating. However, following a few basic tips and advice, the batteries can be safely, effectively, and easily changed.

Here is a detailed description of steps to take with some additional tips for proper care and maintenance:

  • Turn it off – Before the hearing aid is removed from the ear it should first be turned off. By turning the battery off first, the wearer does not risk forgetting to do this later on when he or she is opening the covering from the hearing aid battery. As soon as the device is turned off, it should be removed from the ear.
  • Open – Next, open the compartment where the battery is located. This should be done gently and carefully. Although smacking or hitting a child's toy to loosen up a battery is often done, a person who does the same with a hearing aid is bound to damage the hearing aid. These devices are made up of several small pieces. For this reason, particular care should be taken.
  • Remove – When the battery has properly been removed (a fingernail should do it), a person can dispose of the hearing aid battery in the trash. Even though most kinds of batteries should not be thrown in the trash, hearing aid batteries that are zinc air batteries can safely be disposed of in the garbage.
  • Carefully remove the new battery – A person should then carefully remove the hearing aid battery from the package. It is important to keep in mind that these batteries are small and can easily be dropped and lost. In light of that, it is wise to open the package while sitting at a table so that it will be easier to find the batteries if they are dropped.
  • Hold the tab – The tab of the battery can be used to pick up the battery and put it into the casing on the hearing aid. Of course, the primary function of the tab of a zinc air battery is also to activate it. After the battery has been put into its proper place, the plastic tab may be peeled off.
  • Close the door – Next, close the door to the compartment in which the battery was placed. Then listen to a variety of sounds to make sure that the hearing aid battery is installed and functioning properly.
  • Repeat – Unfortunately, these batteries do not last a long time because they are in near constant use. Most will last between one and two weeks. A person can know when it is time to change the batteries again thanks to the beeping noise that most hearing aids make when the battery is low. For children, the best way to keep track of when to change hearing aid batteries is to simply write down on the calendar each time a new battery is installed and buy new batteries within 10-14 days. It is wise to check the particular brand of hearing aid for general battery lifeespan. If batteries are continuously falling short of this expectation, it may be due to a faulty hearing device.