Healthy Way For Pancreas Support

At first, it is the bad news. Unfortunately, there is no efficient and safe way to improve pancreatic function by medication in case of chronic pancreatitis. Regrettably, it is hard to verify chronic pancreatitis in the early stage by conventional tests. Chronic pancreatitis is often diagnosed when there is only 10% pancreatic function is left, and the treatment approaches are very narrow.

Sorry to say, there is no much attention now to the pancreas by comparison with hollow digestive chambers such as stomach and colon. It is just impossible having the healthy life without normal pancreatic function. Pancreatic gland is an essential organ with a variety of tasks in the human being. More, the pancreas is only one organ in the human body that may injury itself.

Even one bout of upper left quadrant abdominal pain, with nausea, vomiting, gas, belching, fever, diarrhea, constipation, generally after drinking alcohol with heavy, fatty meals, could be the first alarming signal of the initiation of chronic pancreatitis.

Some persons with acute pancreatitis are admitted to ER. Lucky enough to pass by this life-threatening condition, they discharged from a hospital with standard advice: “Do not drink alcohol, do not eat fatty and spicy foods, and do not smoke.”

The happy person believes that all is over, and he/she maintains the unhealthy lifestyle that causes the full-blown chronic pancreatitis in 8-15 years.

What does speed up this process? Avoiding that, may save the years of your life.

• The unhealthy eating habits

• Eating processed, without natural digestive enzymes foods

• Consumption the toxic, acid-forming foods

• The toxic substances such as alcohol, smoking, drugs, some medications, environmental toxins

• The aggressive, acidic bile that causes Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, bile sludge, gallbladder stones

• The overweight issue, fatty liver and fatty pancreas, diabetes

• The blockage of the pancreatic duct due to sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, gallbladder stones

• Parasites in the bile ducts

• The intestinal dysbiosis such as SIBO, Candida-yeast overgrowth

• Stress and anxiety

• The hormonal imbalance such as hypothyroid, menopause, diabetes

• Deficiency of minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and bicarbonates

• The surgeries such as gallbladder removal, tumor, pancreatic trauma, etc

• Whole body acidity

You may ask what it is still such acidity. I have never heard about that. You are right.

Not too many people realize the primary culprit of the chronic pancreatitis is whole body acidity-chronic metabolic acidosis. I focused on this topic in my EBook and medical and public articles on the Internet.

From the many medical papers, clinical and experimental evidence, and my decades of the experience with acute and chronic pancreatitis, I sincerely believe that acidity kills the pancreas. To simplify, the pancreas and liver are alkaline digestive glands. They produce the alkaline pancreatic juice and bile. They take alkaline substances from the blood. If the human being consumes too many acidic radicals from food and environment, or many lactic acids are produced by the human cell or by yeast fermentation, acidic changes happen in the blood. Human blood has constant, slightly alkaline pH-7.4. Even a little acidic changes of the blood pH to 7,0 shut down the regular work of the vital organs such as heart, lung and brain and life stops.

Therefore, in the case of the whole acidity, to keep the constant pH 7.4 and save the work of the vital organs human organism do it for the price of “less important” organs such as liver and pancreatic gland. The medical term for the whole body acidity is metabolic acidosis. Nowadays, chronic metabolic acidosis is rampant all over the world due to acidic lifestyle, just like the digestive disorders.

Let us see what happens in the pancreas due to metabolic acidosis. It causes premature activation of the pancreatic digestive enzymes within the pancreatic gland leading to self-digestion, inflammation-pancreatitis. By medical research, people with chronic pancreatitis have the acidic environment in the duodenum. In its turn, acidity in the duodenum stops pancreatic lipase activity, so ends the digestion of fat. The metabolic acidosis diminishes antibacterial actions of the pancreatic juice causing SIBO-small intestine bacterial overgrowth.

Whole body acidity badly influences on the bile leading to precipitation of the very aggressive bile acids, which irritate gallbladder, bile ducts, and sphincter of Oddi leading to spasms, inflammation, and formation of gallstones.

Now, it is good news. If we recognize the culprit of the chronic pancreatitis-whole body acidity, we know the healthy way for pancreas support. Alkalinize for the pancreatic health is the essential part of the treatment of the chronic pancreatitis. It can be done by supplying the body with natural minerals, trace elements, and bicarbonate. There are three healthy ways such as alkaline diet, taking cellular magnesium-potassium, and drinking healing mineral water.

The information about alkaline diet and magnesium-potassium supplementation one may get on the Internet and popular articles. As regards drinking the healing mineral water for pancreatic health, there is not much information in the U.S. In contrast, many Europeans spend the healthy vacation in the mineral spas. It is long healing tradition in the Europe. For example, European medical doctors have sent their patient with the digestive disorders to drink Karlovy Vary thermal spring water since the 16th century. Two hundreds of years, doctors from Europe recommend home cure by drinking mineral water that is made from genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt.

Many articles and books support the beneficial medical use the Karlovy Vary healing mineral water in case of chronic pancreatitis to improve digestion, reduce pain and spasms, and relieve constipation, diarrhea, and heartburn. Drinking the healing mineral water can be combined with any conventional or alternative treatments.

The information on this article is presented for educational, informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, and advice of a qualified licensed professional.