Healthy Sleeping – Healthy Living 2010

Every year we get to start over and make decisions about healthy living. And since healthy living Promotes healthy sleeping and vice-versa, this is the perfect time to connect the relationship between the two.

Healthy Living that promotes healthy sleep.

o Daily exercise, will help you sleep better at night.

o Take time to relax, especially just before bed time.

o Getting out in the sunlight makes you peneal and petuitary glands keep your hormones and body in balance.

o Adding anti stress vitamins and minerals to your diet could keep you from lying away worrying.

o Keeping a regular sleep schedule works wonders. But if you are not tired at schedules sleep time get up and spend the time relaxing.

o Loose weight. This helps with comfort and sleep apnea.

o Drink less caffeine, this fad could be costing you the sleep you need.

o Quit smoking for over all health and circulation. Getting blood to your extremties can help with sleep.

Sleeping habits that promote healthy living.

o Sleeping less, sleep expert Dr. Daniel Kripke has discovered that people who sleep less live longer and have over all better health.

o Regular sleep times will keep you from delving in to sleep time.

o Good sleep environment like a dark, quiet bedroom dedicated to sleep only will improve your sleep.

o Natural sleep aids are worth looking to. Remember to give them a chance to work. It may take a week or so.

o Worry outside of the bedroom and not while lying in bed. Use your bed for sleep only.

o Meditation and sleep music can help you relax.

I know, you are saying "I heard all this before". Yes, you have. The key is to gradually change those old habits. Look at your sleep habits. Look at your daily routine. What will be easy to change? Change that. Take those little steps every day.