Healthy Erections and the Truth About Garlic


Is garlic the dietary equivalent of Viagra?

Scientists have discovered that eating garlic can boost the sex drive for men experiencing impotence. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be an indication of hardening of the arteries, which is also a possible precursor to impending cardiovascular problems. As a result, ED may often serve as an early warning symptom for a heart attack. Because statistical data indicates that more than 100 million men worldwide face erection problems, and barely half of them want to admit it, this is a problem to be taken seriously.

The study performed at St. Thomas Hospital in the United Kingdom proved that eating 4 raw cloves of garlic a day helped to lower cholesterol and made room in the arteries for improved blood flow into the penis resulting in more erections. Garlic contains allicin which is credited for improved blood flow. Garlic may also help the heart by reducing calcium buildup as well as aid in the fight against prostate cancer.

Keep in mind that the occurrence of ED can occur due to a number of other diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, diseases of the thyroid gland, prostate gland, nervous system, urinary system, and a drop in hormone levels particularly during Andropause, as well as a host of mental issues. In addition, the use of numerous drugs prescribed by doctors for common problems such as high blood pressure, depression and stomach ulcers may also exacerbate ED.

What are my options?

Definite DON’Ts


Alcohol kills reproductive cells and decreases sperm viability. It also disrupts the link between the brain and the penis. Excessive use of alcohol inhibits the creation of the male sex hormone, androgen.


Nicotine reduces arterial pressure and as a result, prevents blood circulation to the penis. In addition, toxic substances from smoking are detrimental for sperm maturation.


Sharply reduces the level of male sexual hormones, disrupts chromosomes and promotes undesired genetic changes.

Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids bear a close resemblance to testosterone and as a result, the body stops its natural production causing impotence to occur.

High Cholesterol

Too much cholesterol blocks the vessels providing blood to the penis and thereby reduces the blood flow necessary to maintain an erection.


Being overweight can disrupt your hormone balance and, as a result, the production of hormones necessary for achieving erection can become insufficient.

Chemical drugs

Studies show that out of two hundred most used medicines; as many as sixteen are likely to cause impotence. Among the most risky are drugs used for the treatment of high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, ulcers, tumors, plus a couple of medications used to combat allergy.

Definite DOs


Cut garlic into small pieces and eat 4 raw cloves a day for best results. Feel free to add it to your regular diet which needs plenty of fruits and vegetables. To combat bad garlic breath, chew on fresh parsley or mint after you eat the garlic.

Get enough fiber; for men 35 grams a day. Eat grains, bran, whole meal bread, legumes, lentils, berries, prunes, barley, millet, buckwheat and oatmeal. Keeping the transit time for waste to pass through the body as low as possible is a great way to promote overall health. Avoid overeating.

Avoid smoked stuff, fat & red meats; slash sweets and anything made with white flour. Substitute omega 3 rich foods such as salmon, tuna, sardines and flaxseed. Avoid sugar and salt as much as possible.

Use suitable oils are those made of olives, flax, sesame, sunflower or rape. Also include unsalted nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds in moderation.


Aerobic exercise every day is a must especially as we age. No excuses; just get out there and do at least 30 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week with activities such as: walking, jogging, swimming, biking, rowing, etc. You’ll also have the added benefit of reduced stress levels and enhanced moods. Don’t forget to calculate your target heart rate and stay within that zone.

Additional Tip: Keep your attitude positive; it can’t hurt!