Healthy Eating – Top Get Well Foods When You Have the Common Cold or Flu

So you have come down with the common cold or flu and are feeling under the weather. Usually, flu symptoms come on quickly and are more severe than when you are experiencing a cold. Your appetite is likely down, and the last thing you feel like doing is eating one of your normal meals. But, if you want to get your health back, you must nourish your body. You will need the energy to fight off whatever it is you have and get yourself well again.

So, which foods should you choose? Here’s a quick run-down of the best food options when you find yourself not feeling so well.

1. Garlic. Whenever possible, add some fresh sliced garlic into your meals. Garlic is a “cannot beat” food for helping to strengthen your immune system, so you feel fit and healthy once more.

Add garlic to…

  • stir-fries,
  • egg dishes,
  • casseroles, or
  • any other dish you might be preparing.

2. Ginger. If you are feeling a little queasy and nauseous, you will want to give ginger a try. Freshly grated ginger in your foods – or even better, made into a tea, is an excellent way to help tame your stomach and get yourself feeling better again.

3. Chicken Soup. The old wives tale of having chicken noodle soup when feeling unwell does help to resolve some of your symptoms. The hot liquid will assist in loosening up any congestion you might be experiencing and, if you are using actual bone broth, it can provide immune boosting properties as well.

Make sure to include chicken meat, so your body has the protein it needs to get your immune system working in top form.

4. Berries. Berries are another must have when you are not feeling well. Berries such as blueberries and strawberries are rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids. They pack in a load of powerful antioxidants that will once again help build your immune system to help you become strong, fend off bacteria and fight your illness.

Sprinkle these…

  • over a bowl of oatmeal,
  • add them to a smoothie, or
  • just eat them on their own.

5. Whole Grain Toast. If your stomach is doing somersaults, whole grain toast might be your best bet. This food is easy to digest so will help ease your stomach upset and still provide your body with the energy it needs.

There you have some of the “top get well foods” to consider adding to your eating plan while you are down with a cold or flu. Treat your body right, and you will make a fast recovery.