Healthy Eating at Work – Tips For a Healthy Diet at the Office

Many of us try to have a healthy diet at home, but what about healthy eating at work? When you are at the office, it’s just easier to go out to lunch every day. You don’t have to plan ahead, and you can grab whatever you want. Except you may not be nibbling carrots and celery at the local restaurants. In my husband’s case, he finally realized he was paying other people sums of money to make his waistline expand.

Not one of his better ideas.

So what did he do? My brave husband decided to take our dinner leftovers into work for his lunch. At first his coworkers teased him – LOTS. Then they made fun of him – MORE. When he started losing the extra weight, the noise around him died down. When we both realized how much time and money he was saving, it became a habit to bring his own food to the office.

Some days he brings sandwiches, other days it is leftovers in a Tupperware. Once a week he goes out to eat, just to be social or to satisfy his craving for Thai food.

Here are some of our tips for healthy eating at work:

1. It’s best to bring your own lunch, so you can control ingredients and portion size. Store it with an ice pack in an insulated reusable lunch bag, or keep it in a refrigerator. You don’t want to get sick from food that has not been properly refrigerated. Sadly, this is the voice of experience speaking.

2. Try not to eat at your desk while talking on the phone or working on the computer. If you don’t pay attention to your food, you won’t receive any signals that your body is full. Try a change of scenery such as a lunch room, or outside on a nice day. Healthy eating at work doesn’t mean you have to stay inside your office building.

3. If you must eat at your desk, clean it up and clean it off. Desks, phones, and computer keyboards are germ magnets. Use a disinfecting wipe to clean off your desk, phone, and keyboard. Remove all the paper clutter from your desktop. There’s nothing like a tomato soup spill on an important memo to improve your professional image.

4. Since you save so much time eating your homemade lunch instead of going to a restaurant, takes a walk for some fresh air. A walk may be ten minutes or it may be half an hour. Enjoy this bit of exercise as many people feel it helps you to focus better on your work after lunch.

5. Keep a stash of non-perishable snacks in your desk to use when you hear the office vending machine calling your name. Try small bags of nuts such as almonds, bags of trail mix, dried apricots, or energy bars.