Healthy Diet Plan – Two Amazing Exercises For Maximum Success With Your Healthy Diet Plan

Take 2 minutes and read this article entirely. Here are a couple of quick exercises that can start getting you slimmer NOW. These are great to use in combination with a healthy diet plan.

1. Squat Jumps.

Don’t worry, these sound harder than they really are. Try it out quick right now. Get up from your chair and space your feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Now, squat down until your thighs are horizontal to the ground.

Here is the fun part… jump up! A squat jump is exactly like doing a normal squat except you have to add some more force to get some lift off the ground. These are great for burning calories. Don’t forget the other benefit of getting nice toned legs!

Start with 3 sets of 10.

2. Burps…Burpees!

If you have never heard of a burpee, I feel very sorry for you. These have got to be my favourite exercise EVER.

To learn the technique, just go ahead and search for something like “burpee exercise”. These get your whole body in to the exercise and burn tons of calories.

These are two exercises that can be used in combination with any healthy diet plan. They will help you drop the pounds much faster.

Here is the challenge. You actually have to do them!

Laziness will get you nowhere. Well, it WILL get you more of the body you HAVE, and less of the body you WANT…

If you are short on time, you can always do these in front of the TV when you get home from work.