Healthy Diet: A Shopping List

The primary ingredient to a healthy diet, fresh produce, is perishable. So, maintaining a healthy diet will require frequent trips to the grocery store. If you will create a weekly menu, you’ll save money at the store, as well as valuable time you would have spent in shopping. In addition, you’ll use healthy recipes, since you have all the ingredients. You can find great fresh foods at your health food store and farmers market. You’ll also save money with these places. In addition, your frequent trips to the market will broaden your tastes in food, and you’ll meet many people with the same concern for proper health and nutrition.

To eat a healthy diet, you’ll need fresh foods. You also will not need to overcook food, in order to maintain the nutritional values. You won’t add the artificial additives and fats so often found in fast foods. Eating a healthy diet means you do a lot in the kitchen, since ordering takeout is contrary to what you are trying to accomplish.

But, cooking with the appliances available in today’s kitchens is not the chore it used to be. It can become an enjoyable part of your life every day, not reserved for holidays.

So, what should you buy when you decide to eat a healthy diet? First, eat fresh, young vegetables. They are more tender and sweet, without the coarse texture. Buy your veggies at the farmers’ markets, where they are sold in baskets. Veggies in the grocery stores have been harvested when they are still green, and artificially ripened in boxes, using chemicals. The same is true of fruits. It’s best to buy seasonal, locally grown fruit, as the exotic fruit has probably been harvested early and ripened in the box. Also, organic is better.

Also, aromatic herbs are great, either fresh or the dried variety. Purchase whole herbs and spices, and grind them as you use them, to preserve freshness and flavor. In addition, you should purchase only free range or organic eggs. You can tell if they’re fresh by shaking them.

When you buy fish or shellfish, you should be careful to purchase the kind that is only fresh, not frozen. Fish from farms have been fed artificial foods to increase bulk, so you should look for fish and shellfish that come from unpolluted waters. Throw away any mussels that you boil that do not open.

When it comes to meat, you should just skip it. Most meat comes from markets that use growth hormones and antibiotics, which are passed on to the consumer. Otherwise, seek out meats that are grown in small farming regions, or on organic farms.

With grain, you should select whole wheat grains as part of your staple diet. The grain shell is vital to proper nutrition. Rice, however, maintains many of its nutrients even without the shell. Also, take Colon Cleanse Tablets to keep your digestive system healthy. And, enjoy your new healthy cooking.