Health Service in the USA

I am British but have always been interested in American politics. I have recently been fascinated by the major news broadcasters bias against the Presidents health care bill. Fox News in particular has a campaign going against this bill. I would like to give you a Brief History of the National Health Service in the UK. It was introduced in 1948 by the then Health Minister Aneurin Bevan [A Welshman like myself] Aneurin or Nye as he was called had the same problem that faces President Obama and that was the rich powerful minority did not want the poor majority of the nation to have free healthcare. In fact the only way Nye got the Heath Service going was to bribe the wealthy hospital consultants by allowing them to have private patients as long as they committed to work so many hours for the National Health Service. He later famously said "I stuffed their mouths with gold" The only obstacle left was the Doctors who only weeks before the National Health Service was to be introduced voted overwhelmingly against joining.

Now the only group of people capable of changed these Doctors minds were British Women. These women had seen what sacrifices their mothers had made looking after the family through the second world war and had seen them grow old prematurely as a result, they felt they deserved better healthcare so they boycotted those Doctors who would not sign up, the Doctors soon fell in line and so the National Health Service was born. What is also interesting is that a Labour Government introduced this bill, no Conservative Government [and there has been many since 1948] have dared to change it. The republican party of America should take note that if they ignore this potentially strong group of lower income women it could cost them any chance of winning a future presidential election.