Health Problems – Stress is Harmful For Your Health

As we are forging to the height of progress, we are facing many thriving problems. You can name it as economic expense, crime, unemployment and last but not the least health problems. If we separate the aforementioned first three causes from the fourth one, we can conclude that those three contribute in causing health problems alone. Rising budget, thriving crime, losing job create stress and mental disorders. This results in occurrence of many health diseases.

Stress- The chief cause of health disorders

Stress and health problem are correlated to each other. A burst of stress can prevent the thinking ability of a person. You can find yourself unable to concentrate if you are in stress. If you observe through medical explanation, our frequent response of stress increases molecules which are detrimental for our heart. These are the bad form of cholesterol which is known as LDL (low- density lipoproteins). As the stress delays the clearance of these fats, their accumulation entails atherosclerosis and other heart disorders to many people.

The most evidential symptoms of stress are increased rate in palpitation, perspiration and blood pressure in the body. And very surprisingly people who indulge in extreme physical activities and exercises, exemplify the physical stress. So if you are suffering from weak heart or coronary blockage, these physical stresses can be more hazardous for your health.

Immune related disorders

Stress has a major role in depleting the immunity system. Results have shown that a stressful life can induce many health problems. Very interestingly, AIDS tends to take a vigorous form in HIV positive patients if they are subject to more stress, negative attitudes and deprived of social support. Studies have also indicated that a chronic stress can also help in developing more probability of bacteria infections such as tuberculosis and group-A streptococcal diseases (GAS).

Migraines and headaches

Migraines or headaches are very common problems caused by stress. Prolonged occurrence of stress can cause severe backache, neck pain and can also develop dizziness. Consequently you may also notice some problems with your eye- sights. Migraines can also result stress in eyes that inflict some redness to the eyes.

Chronic stress results in immune reduction which hampers the equilibrium in oxidants and anti- oxidants. It is also found that an increment in oxidants cause the rapid aging problems. Oxidants boost up electro- negative constituents in body molecules that destroy the other optimal cells. And such increased rate of distorted cells helps in developing the most fatal disease-cancer.

Stress, which has no end in our lifestyle, has jeopardized the human capability to fight the health problems. It is a root of several known and unknown problems that has endangered our life cycle. Hence many natural therapies like yoga and meditations are encouraged nowadays. These practices help in reducing stress and provides atmosphere conducive to healing for your body and mind.