Health Issues Caused By Obesity


With the introduction of labor saving equipment and equipment such as TV’s, vehicles, computers, elevators, household electrical goods and other items, applying physical effort to any action has almost become unthinkable. This cutting in calorie expenditure without a matching reduction in calorie intake has spawned an epidemic of obesity. The full tragedy is that not many people comprehend the full health hazards of being overweight.

Type II diabetes is the most widespread type of diabetes that a majority of US citizens suffer from. It is also known as adult-onset diabetes or non-insulin-dependent diabetes. Type II diabetes leads to drastic variations within the blood sugar levels through out the day. This may result in heart as well as kidney diseases, early death, strokes and even blindness. Losing weight, along with appropriate exercise has been established to be the most helpful means of preventing and in a number of cases essentially curing type II diabetes.

Addtional Health Problems Relating to Obesity

Heart disease is one of the most prevalent main health hazards of being obese. Being overweight significantly increases the possibility of heart malfunction and blood circulation problems and may result in congestive heart failure, heart attack, angina (chest pains), unexpected cardiac arrest or irregular heartbeat. Weight loss in this instance may not only avoid the above-mentioned ailments but also assist normalize blood pressure, cholesterol levels and triglyceride and reduce inflammation in the body.

Cancer is one of the primary causes of death in the United States, and is frequently a result of fat cells that affect cell growth and multiply beyond capacity. Colon, esophagus, and the kidney are the most affected components of the body. Being overweight has in addition contributed to uterine as well as postmenopausal breast cancers in women.

Sleep apnea, Osteoarthritis and other Health Issues

In sleep apnea the sufferer experiences short lapses of breaths through nighttime. This in turn makes the person sleepy throughout the daytime, making it hard for him to focus on work. In some cases, heart failure has also been noted in patients suffering from this disease. The lapse of breath occurs due to the increased size of the cells of the neck, obstructing the windpipe at certain intervals. Reducing weight can reduce the size of the neck and diminish the pressure on the windpipe and make breathing easy.

Osteoarthritis is another health peril of being overweight.  In this particular disorder, the joint bone and the tissue that protects joints (cartilage), deterioration away. The joint bone of numerous parts of the body like the hip, knees, plus lower back are the major targets of Osteoarthritis. Being overweight places a lot of force on the joints, which might lead to this disease in the long run. Dropping weight will deflate the body fat and reduce the aches and pains.

Excess fat accumulates inside the liver cells and will cause the organ to inflate, leading to injuries. This results in Fatty Liver disease. This ailment may lead to harsh liver impairment, built-up of scar tissue that blocks the correct blood flow to the liver (cirrhosis), and complete liver malfunction. It is quite comparable to alcoholic liver impairment but does not essentially mean that it can not affect those who do not take alcohol.