Health Hazards of Obesity

Health Hazards of Obesity

Obesity is the condition that is caused by the excessive weight gain. It occurs due to the deposition of the large amount of fats in the body that puts adverse impact on your health. Obesity if found to be on high rise nowadays. Around 30% of the people in US alone are found to be suffering with the obesity. Even in children the obesity cases are increasing every year. Obesity is spreading like anything and we are ones responsible for it.  The unhealthy lifestyle that we are living is one of the major causes of obesity. Excessive intake of fatty foods and lack of physical activity are supposed to the root cause of obesity. There are various health hazards of obesity, which are as mentioned below:

1. Heart Diseases: Obesity causes heart disease in an individual. Many times obesity is supposed to be the symptom of the heart disease. Due to the obesity lot of fats gets deposited on the heart that disturbs the functioning of the heart leading to the heart failure or stroke. Obesity also puts a lot of pressure on heart which leads to the sudden cardiac arrest in some cases.

2. Diabetes: Diabetes and obesity are linked. More than 50% obese individuals are found to be suffering with the diabetes and vice versa. The increase in the sugar content in the body is caused due to the failure of the insulin production that happens due to the excessive amount of fats in the body. This way the occurrence of the diabetes is found to be very common in overweight people.

3. High Blood Pressure: Excessive amount of the fats in the body needs oxygen and nutrients to survive. These are supplied by the blood, so the more blood is required which puts more pressure on the arteries. Higher pressure on the arteries causes blood pressure and person faces the problem of the high blood pressure.

4. Osteoarthritis: Obesity is found to cause osteoarthritis. Due to the excessive weight the more pressure puts on the joints of legs which lead to the loss of synovial fluid that lubricate the joints. As a result the person suffers with the osteoarthritis.

5. Sleep Apnea: In the obesity the weight of the person is more than the normal level. This puts the pressure on the respiratory system, which interrupts breathing process. This happens when added weight of the chest wall squeezes the lungs and cause problems in breathing.

6. Cancer: Obesity increases the chances of suffering with the breast cancer. Many of the obese men and women are found to be suffering with the breast cancer. Even the cancer of gallbladder and uterus is caused due to the excessive deposition of the fats in the body. Prostate cancer cases are observed in nearly 10% of the obese men.

7. Reduced sperm count: Sperm count of the obese men is found to be lower than that of the normal men. This happens as the production process of the sperms is being disturbed by the excessive deposition of the fats around the testes where sperms are produced.

8. Pulmonary disease: Pulmonary diseases are noted due to the obesity as deposited fats disturbs the blood supply to the lungs. Also, the deposition of the fats on the chest destructs the functioning of the lungs by putting the external pressure. This leads to the pulmonary diseases

9. Problems in pregnancy: Obese women face the problem in getting pregnant as their hormone levels are disturbed due to the presence of the excessive fats in the body. Even after the deposition of the sperms in the ovule the ovulation cycle fails as the excessive weight puts a stress on the channels that supply food to the egg.

Thus, it is necessary for every person to control the excessive weight gain and if suffering with the obesity must lose the weight.